Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Is there a need for other crypto currencies

These are the  list of  Crypto Currencies from Eobot being lead by "bitcoin" which is the first crypto currency  . As we know after bitcoin other alternative digital currencies began to sprout  like mushrooms .  Is there a need for other Crypto Currencies ?  
 The onset of other crypto currencies are also the creation of crypto experts who are after more earnings from bitcoin. Bitcoin is being mined and rewards are given but as it gets older it becomes hard to mined and rewards gets lesser. But creating alternative "bitcoins" or other crypto names are newer, younger and are mined easier but with lesser in value. It had to be promoted and used just like "bitcoins" to make it stable. So there is a lot of competition with other crypto currencies other than bitcoin. 

Other than mining is easy for other crypto currencies,  we will see the particular reasons why other cryptos  were created when we tackle it here on my blogsite. At the moment this July 2014 , there are more than 100 crypto currencies on the net so we cannot discuss it all at once. 

Since i had shown you the list of crypto -currencies listed on eobot.com ( litecoin, blackcoin, namecoin, dogecoin, nautiluscoin, darkcoin, verticoin, feathercoin, curecoin, peercoin, charitycoin). I will take this up after "Qoinpro". This site had been on my email and had given me free coins. 

Qoinpro had started since January 2014 and there latest news June 
It has been a while since our last update. Behind the scenes we've been working on new functionality, improved security and easier administration of the platform. HTTPS is now the default, we've launched the long awaited Dogecoin and added a loyalty bonus for every member that increases by 0.1% per day.
Furthermore, we've processed 1,500+ withdrawals, answered over 5,500 emails and received 58 bug reports that will be awarded with additional bonuses. Since our last update we've also gradually increased the payouts of several coins and will continue to do so.

 Qoinpro is not a alternative coin, it is  a multi-coin faucet with a comprehensive based referral and payment structure for cryptos.  At the moment it is handling bitcoin, dogecoin ,feathercoin, fedoracoin, infinitecoin, litecoin, earthcoin and worldcoin. Since i started registering with the site this is my latest balances; 

 If you want to receive free alternative digital coins just register here QOINPRO let us put bitcoin and alternative digital currencies on the mainstream. 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bitcoin pushed other cryptos

We know that crypos, short for cryptography  or what we mean here  is  about crypto- currencies the first is BITCOIN  which pushed other crypto's. But what is crypto- currencies ? 

From Google   A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange designed around securely exchanging information which is a process made possible by certain principles of cryptography. The first cryptocurrency to be created was Bitcoin in 2009. Since then, numerous cryptocurrencies have been created.

In the history of crypto currencies  the first was Bitcoin , then in April 2011 NAMECOIN   followed bitcoin in an attempt to have a decentralized DNS  which will make internet censorship  very difficult.  Then another coin  is  coin the LITECOIN was introduced the first to use scrypt as hash function instead of SHA- 256 then another was PEERCOIN  which use proof of work and proof of stake hybrid.  

The first cryptos - i knew was BITCOIN  though i knew other crypto- currencies. I  was not interested from other crypto - currencies which i happen to know on EOBOT, my first bitcoin mining site. EOBOT is not only mining bitcoin but all other currencies. Look at this image below for the other crypto- currencies they are generating ; 

Starting with this article about other cryptos ,  i will post not only about bitcoins but other coins or other crypto's  being generated.  But if you want to earn and generate other  crypto's  join me now on EOBOT


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Eobot generating crypto coins

The first mining bot software that i had known and its becoming popular,  its not only mining BITCOINS, but also other CRYPTO COINS like litecoin, PPC coins, feather coin, DOGEcoins. Now its offering mining thru a USB and cloud mining.  

When i started with coingeneration.com i  did not know about bitcoins. When i found out that coingeneration is dealing with bitcoin that i become interested with EOBOT.COM. Its the only mining software that i had used so far  and a lot of people are utilizing the site for mining bitcoins and other cryptos. 

           Its just easy to register and get the Free mining software . Here's is the registration link


 users and growing!
 Let your computer run our FREE Eobot software in the background and make cryptocurrency. Free to use, real-time results, and withdraw any amount anytime. 
Free for Windows
Download Eobot Windows 
Free for Mac OS
Download Eobot Mac 
Free for Linux
Download Eobot Linux

The easiest way to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, PPCoin, Namecoin, Feathercoin, and Dogecoin. Use any CPU or GPU for any coin, SHA-256 or Scrypt, any computer, as many computers, and with immediate payments. 

 To get your computer to be relax,  cloud computing is also offered by EOBOT.COM.  

How the Cloud VPS Mining/Hashing Works
- Let us mine for you with our hardware in the cloud
- Immediate results, mining payouts every 60 seconds
- Can own fractions of cloud instances, if desired
- No heat or hardware to maintain
- Choose payout in any coin
- Purchase once, own and mine forever
- No returns/exchanges
- (Cloud SHA-256) SHA-256 algorithm, 1.0 GHS (1000 MHS) per 1.0 cloud instance owned
- (Cloud SHA-256) Follows Bitcoin difficulty, which in the past has increased exponentially. This means payouts will most likely reduce over time, unless the price of Bitcoin rises to keep pace
- (Cloud Scrypt) Scrypt algorithm, 1.0 KHS per 1.0 cloud instance owned
- (Cloud Scrypt) Follows Litecoin difficulty, which in the past has increased exponentially. This means payouts will most likely reduce over time, unless the price of Litecoin rises to keep pace


-Available GPU mining rigs for sale
-Special offer, $2800, free shipping to USA, for a 4 GPU R9 280x, 2800 KHS rig
-You may redeem either 2100 KHS or 2800 KHS in Cloud Scrypt for a GPU mining rig that will mine at same speed
-Free shipping
-USA only
-SHA-256 and more hardware coming soon
-Includes wireless card, essentially plug and play as long as you have a power outlet
-Mine to Eobot pool or your own
-Email support if you would like to purchase


GO NOW TO EOBOT.COM  and register to get more bitcoins and other CRYPTO'S  see you with my 20 referrals now enjoying their time with EOBOT

Monday, 10 March 2014

DG or CG answers back with the ongoing project and next

Up Next: DG Exchange & Kiosks

Perhaps last month did not quite meet our expectations, but we are not ones to give up! The first ATMs are already in operation, and despite the allegations and accusations that this is just more nonsense on our side, we are ready to roll out our ATM installation campaign across the globe. We congratulate the most decisive of those who applied and became some of the first names on our list on becoming our pioneers: as a bonus, we will supply your equipment with no deposit. All applicants have been sent e-mails with offers to become our regional distributors; if for some reason you failed to receive one of those, please contact us at btc.o.matic@outlook.com for more details on the terms and commission rates for our partners.

There are a number of partnership options we are currently offering, depending on the terms under which you purchase your equipment:

Plan 1: $1,000 - You are entitled to a 33% commission on profit. The ATM will be installed at your location, and you will be doing the cash collection; the ATM balance will be topped up via our system.

Plan 2: $3,000 - You are entitled to a 50% commission on profit. You will be doing the cash collection at the ATM, which will also be integrated with our system.

Plan 3: $5,000 - You are entitled to all the profit and will take all care of operating the ATM. You may opt in to integration; Blockchain integration available by default.

Those of you who are still sitting on the fence about whether installing an ATM in your city is worth your while, may be late because we have already received over 300 applications and are working on delivering the equipment this month! Perhaps you are wondering where we got such capacity? Simple: we bought an ATM factory and are now able to manufacture 10 machines a day. The competition in the market is still close to non-existent, and we are very happy that our ATMs are designed with a view to winning the forthcoming challenging battle with other manufacturers. It is great that there are new players appearing in the market every day: we are looking forward to receiving some feedback on how our ATMs compare with other models available out there. Whilst other companies are only developing their first models, we are already two steps ahead of them: the thing is, you can't just quickly code a reliable operational product from scratch so that it would meet all requirements for managing and monitoring an ATM chain. By the same token, you cannot create a professional Android POS solution in the form of a kiosk. It would take at least six months to develop our system, let alone the list of supported equipment, which is why we can confidently claim that our ATMs were and remain the most reliable out there: our tried and trusted equipment can deliver smooth operation for many years to come, and the monitoring system will inform you how much money has been collected, alert you when the printer is running out of paper, and display the status of each equipment part, as well as detailed stats for each payment.

It was far from an easy task to design and develop a system that would support a wide range of equipment and give you control over top-up scenarios depending on legal requirements. Our ATM shells feature dedicated space for installing additional equipment, such as a biometric scanner, a card reader, a PIN pad or a document scanner. We fully understand that an ATM operator's success depends on the partner supplying their technology solution, which is why we have already taken a sneak peek into tomorrow to design a system that could be tailored for any area.

Keep an eye on the crypto finance news: we are going to pleasantly surprise you with a launch of the largest exchange, which is what we are planning to do as our second batch of equipment is put into operation. Don't stay put — get out there and help liberate the financial ecosystem from Big Brother's clutch by installing one of our ATMs in your neighborhood: the more top-up points there are, the easier and more accessible Bitcoin will be for people! Should things go well for cryptocurrencies, we expect over 40,000 Bitcoin top-up ATMs to appear in the next couple of years, so trust our experience and do not wait for others to do the job for you: it is time to act now.

Dear shareholders, we do remember you and ask you to please avoid escalating tension at a time when we are doing our best to meet your requests. Please put your worries aside: we have been given the go-ahead for our take-off and we are waiting for things to start improving as we gain altitude. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. DG stocks is up next!

Truly yours,
The Management 

This step of DG or CG was not the original plan which was what had pushed me to this site.  The way they  managed  their plans is not even clear before  the way i see it  the thread manager earning daily was a real  come on.   A lot of members registered even the program was not clear, now when the problems on funding came out , they have to do something to make it work.  Speculations  about the business of CG or DG  came out,  it seems at first that it was really a PONZI  where they pay the old members with the  new members  thread subscription.  But i think that this scheme  did not materialize and still funding remains a problem.  Until i see that they used the money to purchase BITCOINS  but again there  probably was also not enough.  So now since they foresse that BITCOIN would be  a good business , now they are dealing  this now with Bitcoin ATM . The DG stocks or exchange for bitcoin is also one of their target.  This is what i believe what happened.  The manner of their managing  the affairs of their business is questionable.  

I am engage in dealing with bitcoin but i could not participate with Bitcoin ATM , consumers are not ready for this. There is  still a minor appreciation for bitcoin.  And how about the regulations about this system, you could not just put an ATM machine in any place without researching on the legal requirements.  

If they really are professional in their affairs they should know how to treat their members and not just leave them,  no communication whatsoever , no explanation . Will they be following the steps of Mt. GOX ,  i knew that on the early period of DG or CG  they were hacked and a lot of money was stolen this was also what happened to Mt. GOX  and now they are having problems and the closed shop. 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

thread manager software of CG or DG not serving anything

In starting with coingeneration or digital generation you need to download the thread manager software which serves as the basis of your earnings. So there was a great used for the software when CG or DG was still paying the "Founders".  Today there are still members "the new ones" who probably are using the software but for the old members called " the founders" , the thread manager software of CG or DG is not serving anything .  The thread manager software before was the basis of CG or DG payments and i had that payment proofs on the right side of this blog,  but since the start of  2014  the last payment was no longer followed up, the last payment was January 13, 2014. 

Today its now March 8, 2014 and i dont think CG or DG will ever be serious in paying the old members or ever calling up the members. The admin or owners of CG or DG does not care what happened to us they called members.  It looks like they dont care whatever we do with there thread manager software because there are no explanation for there moves.  I think they are not affected since they are still online and can do anything what ever it takes just for them to earn. 

Their thread manager software ; 

Its a functioning software that shows earnings and synchronize with your account on the website. It shows the balances for your stock earnings and available balances.  But since there are no explanation or communication with the members i do believe its useless to maintain this thread manager software. 

For the new members of CG or DG i hope you will learn from the old members , that this site is after your new money inputs and your participation to recruit new members as long as they can pay and maintain the site but from our experienced they dont have the ability to managed. 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

There are other digital coingeneration sites

Digital coingeneration.com is busy with  btc-o-matic ATM for the bitcoins and also probably about the DG stocks. Btc-o-matic is about selling of the bitcoin ATMs  and the DG stocks is about a trading site or crypto exchange.  Both of these sites needs money, traffic and people in order to operational and profitable.  As to the present status of coingeneration.com which i think is only catering to new members since  these are the presently being paid and still trust the site.  The stock founders which are old members and not being paid no longer believe with coingeneration.com  unless they pay what they promised. So we cannot depend now and wait for coingeneration.com. I dont think coingeneration  needs the old founder members  they have to re-generate with new members because it would be easier to convince rather that the old ones who already knows what they are doing and who had lost there trust unless they pay,  so there are still many options.

There are other digital coingeneration sites online on which interested parties could be involve and earn. When coingeneration started the goal was to build up a "supercomputer" and engage in cloud computing but events changes when the coingeneration there were talking about was not about "cloud computing" but directed to "bit COIN generation.  Even the follower site of coingeneration.com  followed them and also were re- directed to bit COIN generation.  

Here's is the other digital coingeneration sites ; 

EOBOT  This was the first that i consider my first bitcoin and other crypto        mining sites. It is mining and exchanging bitcoins, ppcoins, litecoins,    namecoins, feather and  dogecoins using CPU/GPU software and cloud VPS/ Hashing works. CPU/GPU is using PC power which is free and the cloud computing can be purchase through paypal and bitcoins  EOBOT had presented other coingeneration sites which are there competitors ; 

    Cashgopher deals not with bitcoins but with US dollars in generation, as 
    well as with gomezpeer, rublik, BOINC and with coingeneration.com. CG 
    has a thread manager software generating dollar amounts and it is rather
    confusing is this for real, generating dollars or bitcoins. 

We pay our providers (you) a fair price, then we re-package and sell it Here at Idle Processor Utilization Services, LLC, we purchase unused/under-utilized/idle computer at a profit. 100% OF OUR ANNUAL PROFITS are distributed to our Members, which includes all Division Account Managers. It is our goal to distribute the ownership of Idle Processor Utilization Services, LLC, equally, to ANY Member who wishes to invest time, money, and energy into this endeavor. This is not altruism - this is fair compensation for hard work, planning, and execution.  The site pays you for "just letting your computer on" which was the catch phrase of "coingeneration.com" before. 

They also provide a software to see what your earnings are and using your computer power you will earn more by purchasing referrals and their founder status. They pay through paypal, western union, payz, ego pak, solid trust and bitcoins.

Other digital coingeneration sites are more on bitcoin mining which can also be considered "coingeneration" systems but more directly connected with bitcoins or crypro currencies like EOBOT.  

Friday, 14 February 2014

Bitcoin ATM machine from digital coingeneration

Last time an update was posted here on my article about  the status of digital coingeneration.  On the update it was mentioned that digital coingeneration is coming up with an ATM bitcoin machine being offered to any member or interested party that would be investing on this kind of machine any where in the world and here is a video about this machine ; 

As far as i know the first machine that i did saw was here in Vancouver , Canada so its not a new idea from digital coingeneration.com.  There are already a lot of suppliers of this ATM bitcoin machine.  Now the one being offered by coingeneration.com  is  http://btc-o-matic.com/ . 

A blogger who is specially posting articles about coingeneration.com  had revealed in his post that the name btc-o-matic is not an original from digital coingeneration . From Google search result for “btc-o-matic” point them to a github.com website which tied to a person’s name “AnsgarSchmidt” appears to be a coder. Immediately contacted the “AnsgarSchmidt” and his respond to a simple question was “NO” a big “NO” really indicating that “AnsgarSchmidt” have no link or relationship with btc-o-matic.com website.

So if this is true , the promise on the latest updates that digital coingeneration.com that members will be paid  from the sale of this ATM machine is again another ploy.  Learn more from the research of this blogger ;