Saturday, 9 November 2013

Update for moving forward coming

Coingeneration is improving the program and the site since it had many problems on its early existence.  It had evolve from two versions of the thread manager,  it had overcome the problems with the hackers who had stole a lot of money of the site,  it had overcome the DDOS attack  and now its improving its finances and cashout.  The members are now to receive new developments and updates as what this messages had been relayed to all; 

We are preparing an update to be published tomorrow that will explain our current situation and upcoming changes that will take effect this week to resolve the situation with the payment gateway issues. Getting ahead of things we can assure you that DG management has a solution to bring in the required funding as of now to keep up the operation and continue further development and company growth. Tomorrow will be the day and we kindly ask you to avoid any panic or doubts until you see our official press release for November - we're switching over to a new course and we're open for a productive and reliable business in the future.
Standby for update,
DG Team

Dear Users,
We would like to apologize for the delay publishing the update and putting the changes into effect, the update will take place over the weekend for sure and we kindly ask you to express some more patience as we've resolved the payments situation and have lot's to show besides that.
It is required for all users to update to version 3.0 in order for the system to work properly, new release of ThreadManager application will be published tomorrow. Please avoid the confusion as we instruct our staff right now of the changes that will take effect to explain you the situation.
Thank you for your extraordinary patience, payouts ahead!
DG Staff
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What is clear is that we are going to received updates clarifying the situation of  particularly of the withdrawals,  funding, situation of coingeneration and the new thread manager software version 3.  The two messages above is only a notice of the coming updates and again apology for the delay. Actually this is somewhat a weakness of  coingeneration, whenever it says something  it is not an up to date information,  it is always delayed but what is important  is they fulfill what there saying.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Looks like a daily cashout

My last cashout with was October 23 and October 28 and this made me confident that business had started again with coingeneration.  So i was able to purchase another thread from the site which made my total to nine (9) threads.  My plan was not invest more money but just to wait for  the time my earnings reaches  $50 and cashout from time to time to recover or get the profits. 

This November 5,2013 i tried in the morning to cashout again but i cannot do it. So sent a complaint about the withdrawal that cannot be done. I went to work in the morning then when i came back, i tried again and wow.eeeee i was able to cashout again " looks like its gonna be a daily cashout". 

I am now wishing that this  cashout works out everytime  i request my withdrawal.  I had been with paid to click sites for a couple of years and i never had this experienced that almost daily you can cashout. It will take you  weeks or months to cashout with paid to click but this coingeneration  is hotly different. 

So for those former members my downlines who had shy away with and those readers on my blog  join now this site  and  make your wallet full with a daily cashout.