Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Is there a need for other crypto currencies

These are the  list of  Crypto Currencies from Eobot being lead by "bitcoin" which is the first crypto currency  . As we know after bitcoin other alternative digital currencies began to sprout  like mushrooms .  Is there a need for other Crypto Currencies ?  
 The onset of other crypto currencies are also the creation of crypto experts who are after more earnings from bitcoin. Bitcoin is being mined and rewards are given but as it gets older it becomes hard to mined and rewards gets lesser. But creating alternative "bitcoins" or other crypto names are newer, younger and are mined easier but with lesser in value. It had to be promoted and used just like "bitcoins" to make it stable. So there is a lot of competition with other crypto currencies other than bitcoin. 

Other than mining is easy for other crypto currencies,  we will see the particular reasons why other cryptos  were created when we tackle it here on my blogsite. At the moment this July 2014 , there are more than 100 crypto currencies on the net so we cannot discuss it all at once. 

Since i had shown you the list of crypto -currencies listed on eobot.com ( litecoin, blackcoin, namecoin, dogecoin, nautiluscoin, darkcoin, verticoin, feathercoin, curecoin, peercoin, charitycoin). I will take this up after "Qoinpro". This site had been on my email and had given me free coins. 

Qoinpro had started since January 2014 and there latest news June 
It has been a while since our last update. Behind the scenes we've been working on new functionality, improved security and easier administration of the platform. HTTPS is now the default, we've launched the long awaited Dogecoin and added a loyalty bonus for every member that increases by 0.1% per day.
Furthermore, we've processed 1,500+ withdrawals, answered over 5,500 emails and received 58 bug reports that will be awarded with additional bonuses. Since our last update we've also gradually increased the payouts of several coins and will continue to do so.

 Qoinpro is not a alternative coin, it is  a multi-coin faucet with a comprehensive based referral and payment structure for cryptos.  At the moment it is handling bitcoin, dogecoin ,feathercoin, fedoracoin, infinitecoin, litecoin, earthcoin and worldcoin. Since i started registering with the site this is my latest balances; 

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