Friday, 14 February 2014

Bitcoin ATM machine from digital coingeneration

Last time an update was posted here on my article about  the status of digital coingeneration.  On the update it was mentioned that digital coingeneration is coming up with an ATM bitcoin machine being offered to any member or interested party that would be investing on this kind of machine any where in the world and here is a video about this machine ; 

As far as i know the first machine that i did saw was here in Vancouver , Canada so its not a new idea from digital  There are already a lot of suppliers of this ATM bitcoin machine.  Now the one being offered by  is . 

A blogger who is specially posting articles about  had revealed in his post that the name btc-o-matic is not an original from digital coingeneration . From Google search result for “btc-o-matic” point them to a website which tied to a person’s name “AnsgarSchmidt” appears to be a coder. Immediately contacted the “AnsgarSchmidt” and his respond to a simple question was “NO” a big “NO” really indicating that “AnsgarSchmidt” have no link or relationship with website.

So if this is true , the promise on the latest updates that digital that members will be paid  from the sale of this ATM machine is again another ploy.  Learn more from the research of this blogger ;