Saturday, 10 August 2013 talks to CG

The last time CG was asking members of  to contact Payza and inquire about the freezing of financial account of It was also last friday the day  members of CG were expecting that payment would be given last friday August 9, 2013 but unluckily  there was no payment and many get mad and call a scammer.  But the new update could probably give some people the second thought. talks to !!

Good news ahead!

Dear DG users,

We have some good news ahead which we'll update you about within the next couple of days.
First of all we're happy to announce that Payza contacted us today, we've started our negotiations and look towards resolving the status with all payments shortly.

Most likely we'll be able to work out a scenario where Payza may be still used for withdrawals, we'll notify all members when we come up to a certain point of negotiations to accomplish this.

We will resume all payments and continue stronger than ever once we settle everything down. There are some issues which may not be noticed at the first glance but we feel it's important to explain what goes on behind the scenes right now.

We experience very high daily traffic load (approx. 1 million visitors/day) to our servers and are required to upgrade our server infrastructure urgently. We are tweaking up the responsiveness to avoid delays in data communication shared in real time via ThreadManager as well as improving the stability of the web platform to avoid current glitches such as "error 503". The transfer from the old servers to the new data center is in process as of now therefore please don't worry if you experience some downtime accessing the website during the weekend.

Right now we are taking final procedures to fund our EgoPay account in order to start processing pending withdrawals that may still remain for some of the users. This issue should be rectified by Friday or the next week for sure. There are some backlogs processing payments on time due to increased volume of requests that have occurred because of members worries and concerns, we want to point out once again that all earnings will be paid in full *as always* since we respect our clients and therefore will deliver all obligations accordingly.

Concerning all of the above, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience we have caused to our highly valued members. We regret the situation with Payza has impacted our reputation and have caused some lack of confidence to arise however we would like to point out that there are things that are impossible to keep perfect at all times. Just try to keep this in mind.

We love challenges and will prove once and for all that we are trully here to show everybody the capabilities and the power we have!

Standby for the next update,

Digital Generation Team

Looks like CG would be normal in a few days , LOOKING FORWARD to EarningSS 


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Request payout of your earnings

Congratulations! You can request payout of your earnings to your e-currency or bank account.

Payza Refund Requests

Currently we are in process where Payza refuses to talk with Digital Generation to solve the issue of our blocked account.   We need all users to contact Payza directly thru phone, to ask them to finalize the claims that they have received from our costumers and ask them to provide us an answer about the current status of the refunds and when we will have access to our blocked account, so we can see who asked for refunds and who received the refund already. 

While we wait for a reply from Payza, all accounts, with no exceptions, will be freezed temporarily until we see some professionalism  and ethics from Payza and a reply about the current situation.

We will continue to pay our members but we just want to push Payza to talk with us so we can reach a way to solve all this misunderstanding. 

Payza contact numbers: 

Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. EST
Canada +1-514-787-1840
USA +1-917-720-1220
UK +44-203-519-0003

To any member that asked for a refund or has a closed claim already, please contact the administration directly: 

Yours truly,
Digital Generation Administration

The above message comes out  on my back office , upon clicking  request payout of your earnings . It an information that the funds of  Digital Generation is frozen with .  In one of my article , Payza had also send a message to DG  why they are freezing DG account . What i know was that  payza is not comfortable with the  online business of  DG  so it was frozen but  maybe DG  is right that its unethical  for  not settling the issue and talking to DG.  In some updates i have read that Payza is giving  180 days for the frozen account ,  so i dont know why DG  needs the Payza members to contact Payza. 

Monday, 5 August 2013

What's new with coingeneration after payza event  account with Payza was shutoff and this had affected a lot on the business reliability of the site but gradually  is making the necessary changes for the better to continue its online business. What is new with coingeneration after Payza event? 

The latest that i had found on my back office was that a congratulation from the admin , that i can request for a cashout through my bank account and e-currency. There was also an explanation and at the same time a plea of coingeneration to members especially to users of Payza payment processor.  They are reporting that Payza is not talking to coingeneration and they find this unethical since a big amount of money had been freezed  on Payza and CG ( coingeneration)  is appealing to those payza members whom accounts where also freezed to call or contact payza to determine the reason of CG freeze account.  For me hearing the news that i can already request a cashout is gratifying though i am still waiting for the site to normalize just like when i started last June. I dont have problems with payza and had registered with other payment  processors to replace payza which are recommended by

The latest about payment processors was about the use of credit cards ; 

   Credit Card payments are finally available! -

We are pleased to annouce that credit card deposits are working. Please note that settlement currency is in CNY for now.  CNY  means the currency is in "chines new yuan", coingeneration had now arranged their bank account  with a chinese bank so the future currency to use would be CNY. 

Other payment processors or tools to use on  financial transactions 

The latest on  tools for financial transactions was the use of credit card , in order to use the above tools you should be registered . On site you can find these on  payments,  click on personal accounts and its the last button down.  has now a blog section ,  thread manager software is now describe as the primary product of  coingeneration which had a license to be purchased in order to use,  It also has digital generation software license agreemnent  and  the computer reources contract agreement.  These latest features on  were not here before and with a legal consultants maybe  these were the recommendations that they are now implimenting.