Friday, 16 August 2013

CG's account back from

Things are getting brighter to (CG) .  The last time a good news was received by all the members of  CG  was  about  talking to CG and a proposal  was given to payza . Now the moment everybody is waiting. CG and Payza had agreed (CG)'s account is back from 


Payza: Congratulations to all

Situation with Payza is almost resolved, we are setting up a new business account to resume payments for all countries. All limitations will be waived as soon as our balance is transferred to the new account. We expect Payza to finish their background and due diligence checks of Digital Generation to complete our business account verification by August 23rd.


Hope that this will be the last issues with  A lot of complaints, disgusto and verbal attacks were floating on chat rooms, online , blogs and forums.  It's all about money , the cashout that were not received.  Instead they brand CG as a scam, the thread software is only a timer and only records earnings that does mean anything, the site is not legal , addresses are fakes and a lot of things to destroy the site.  Now its "hallelujah " there is hope no more "angry birds" , what will happen . Come August 23rd which is not the cashout day ,  on this message " its just an expected business account verification" i  hope people understand what is written. And for CG  they should learn from this tragic events..

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Results of Talks with

We are waiting for the results of talks with and CG admin had a new update:

Negotiations with Payza 

We have received a list of opened disputes against DG and are seeking a way how to expedite these requests. To reduce the workload for Payza staff we have approached them with a proposal to let us perform payouts via API as before. So far Payza has one condition: they ask us to resolve the situation with members on our side first to minimize the number of opened disputes. 

Above said, to speed up the process resuming payments for high risk countries members are kindly requested to void their dispute unless intentions to abandon the project still remains. We have assured Payza that all funds in our account will be used for payouts to members and seek their professionalism resolving the present status with pending payments. 

As soon as we receive positive feedback from Payza all payouts will be fully instant again. We see no obvious reasons for this turnaround to take a negative scenario and will update all members within the next 24 hours. 

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. 


DG Management


Its now clear to me that there are probably a lot of members who opened a dispute with  about  cashouts that were not given to  requesting members.  This had been the reason of the  CG's   freezing  account. 

Now to open the account ,  CG ( coingeneration)  had proposed that payouts be done via API , what  i  know is that  those who have  requested and had not received their cashout  will now   received it ,  through  the same button  that had been using  with  But i would  presume that  these members who had not received any payout  should withdraw their complaint  with CG.  

First thing first is that  must accept the proposal.  And secondly , those who have complaints should withdraw them and lastly  CG should follow that the money  they wouldd get or the frozen account should only be used to the requesting members. 

Hope against hope ,  this will resolve  some problems of CG  and we will be back in business..

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New version thread manager software

Members of (CG) are all very eager to have a cashout since the payza event happened. Some were already frustrated, very mad  and had call the site a scam site when they were not able to had a cashout last friday August 9/13,   you can read this on the chat rooms. There are still  cool heads that are stilll waiting for  new developments especially now that Payza had already contact CG. And from the latest update they are already on the conferencing stage to solve and come out with the solution about CG's payza account. 

As for me the site is still on its early stage since it had only started from a few months. I am still trying to know and understand the nature of the sites  online business since i only registered last June. What i do know at the moment was this site pays you for the CPU power of your computer. (see my payments on the side of the page)  And your task is to let your computer run 24 hours and if its not running then you don't earn.  How  earns and the process they are doing it  is really  very technical.  You are provided with a  "thread manager" software that you  download and run on your computer  to determine how much you earn and it configures the operation with the site. 

While CG and Payza are doing there particular roles to move on with the online business. Our task is to see to it  that we continue what we have to do on our side. Since the sites operation i would say is not normal yet , i continue to run the "thread manager software which is version 2.4 ' and its performing well and i am seeing the earnings.  My goal was to hit the  $50 earnings on my account balance and purchase another thread. 

Hitting  the $50 earnings on my "account balance"  had been reached. I also had purchased another thread, so at the moment i already have 2 running threads . I purchased the thread sunday August 11 and had to download a new version thread manager , this is version 2.6 which was required when i purchased a new thread. 

See Threads Activation and Earnings  is still online and its working  probably there will be some delays before you can cashout.  The proof that  the site is not dead are the images above , thread manager working , earnings are shown , chat rooms are always open and login is not a problem. I will continuosly  hit $50  on my account balance and buy another thread  until it grows more  and when the site is ready for a cash withdrawal then i will do that,  so what more do you want . You are given an opportunity that you dont  need to do anything, maybe invest  from the start , then earn afterwards.  This is what i see it now ..See you inside ..