Wednesday, 15 January 2014

coingeneration digital is different

As part of my quest to look for a dependable income on the net i stumbled  upon at the middle of the year 2013.  The first thing that attracted me with coingeneration was its background of establishment.  They used the bilderbeg conference as a keypoint on starting with their kind of business. 

Here is the excerpt of the background and the mission of coingeneration.,com

The idea for the project came about as the result of the 58th Bilderberg meeting (Sitges, Spain 3-6 June 2010) where, as part of the conference, the problems of social networks, science and cyber-techology, the Global crisis and other important topics were discussed. The idea of using distributed processing to completely change the current deplorable state of affairs in the scientific realm was discussed in at a small round table. The ideological foundation of our project was laid down in lobbies, and later it was further built upon by a seperate group of participants. Today the project is prepared to expand the borders of possibility, give humanity a chance to rapidly progress forward, finance innovative developments, and support cutting edge and practical scientific work. The possibilities of our super-computer are limitless. Its scale is unprecedented, and via good management it will lack ideological prejudices. And for the future, it will help to usher in a new Digital World Order, that has never before been seen, one that is timeless and uninfluenced by current prejudices.

Main mission is to expand the limits of possibility.

--This background and mission had pushed me to register and accept so i started in June 2013 create this blog and until now its January 2014 i am still with the site. 

Reviewing my stay with

1. My real objective was to earn with,  so with their background and mission I was a pushed but what matters  was the thread manager software that their giving for a start that would make you earn $1 per day. This would make you imagine how much you will earn depending on the number of threads you subscribe. You can ideally earn as much as  $100 a day and earn $3000 in a month. 

2,. Ideally bigger earnings is always what everybody wants but that is not what is in reality. I know that coingeneration mission is to build the supercomputer ( though i really cant understand where would  coingeneration is going and what kind of business they are in)  What really matters for the whole six months was earning  daily and withdrawing what you earn. My strategy was to continuously  let my computer run with the thread manager software,  and vice versa  purchased threads or either cashout some money. 

3.  Cashing out  had undergone several  problems ,  in June there were only two withdrawals,  in July also two, in August none, September one , October two , November about six and the whole of December 0 , no withdrawals.  Coingeneration  had undergone some problems it was reported that the site was hacked and a big amount of money was stolen,  this was on  the month of June.  Then it recovered but again a problem with payza erupted and coingenerations account was hold.  They were able to have a compromise agreement with payza . The latest that  payment were on hold particularly was this December,, the reason was that they are preparing the DG for the selling platform for the stocks. 

4.  The latest changed with coingeneration was the earnings on the threads were converted to stocks which the management had promised that this could be sold,  thread software would still be earning daily and purchase of threads as well referral earnings are on going. But this stocks for other members are thinking it does not have value.  For me what matters was DG is still paying though there are delays,   still online, and i can earn without investing much money, my investment comes from thread earnings. 

5.  I would say coingeneration digital is really different with other  income sites that i had encountered. I had been a member of justbeenpaid then to the present ad clicks express, the tactic that i experienced was that they pay you and encouraged you to invest more and probably if they  had accumulated a certain big amount of money then they employ a tactic of  reducing your pay or not paying for a period but with a promised of repayment until they can pay again or you opt out of the site. This is somewhat like coingeneration though this is speculation, the new stocks option is somewhat a version of  accumulating your earnings into stock with a promised that you can sell it, but reduced your eanings to 1 single thread ( but the big amount of money in with coingeneration can be  used for other business - i do think they have invested with bitcoins). With almost half a million members of coingeneration and if thread is connected with bitcoin, then DG has a lot of money. 

Its worth staying with  start with free trial for the thread software,  earn daily from the thread, invest with another thread , get referrals and earn then have your stocks which will assure you of financial future.