Saturday, 7 September 2013

Goal of building a cloud supercomputer

(Goal of building a cloud supercomputer)

Mankind’s door to the future: the power of the Digital Generation

Supercomputers are the fastest Computers in existence, although very expensive and designed for specialized applications. These applications may vary from scientific studies calculations to Graphic Designs used in Multimedia or even Nuclear energy research. Lately, China and US have been fighting an invisible war for the podium of the fastest Supercomputer of the world.
A New comer has arrived, a Company named Digital Generation” purposes to achieve this podium through a different method. Instead of building a physical supercomputer, the company is building a cloud supercomputer. This means, it uses the processing power of multiple personal computers on a worldwide scale, connected by via Internet, to achieve the data processing capabilities. Let’s assume that 1% of the world population grants access to 2-6% of his personal computer processing power, this means "Digital Generation" will have the world’s fastest computer, surpassing USA and China’s efforts.
This dream is coming true as "Digital Generation" network is currently the world’s 15th most powerful computer, and it’s growing every day.
Any person is able to jump right in. The application is easy to use and understand. You can configure CPU load of your PC as you like. New users after registering in the website and getting their accounts verified are granted a Trial thread that enables them to use the program for 30 days, with this thread the user will be able to get 1$ (maximum) for each day, if he leaves the program running for 24 hours, regardless of how much CPU is allowed to use.

 After the “Trial” is over, users may buy a number of “threads” to continue receiving funds for their service. Threads act as a subscription of data packages that cost 50$ each and lasts an entire year. It’s a small investment that can easily be recovered in less than 2 months. The amount of funds the users receive daily depends according to the number of threads bought and the number of hours the program is left running.
There are many options in which to withdraw the user’s funds among them are e-wallets such as Egopay, Paxum and Perfect Money, but new payment methods are being studied such as wire transfer, and the most requested, PayPal, Skrill and Neteller (we didn´t forget about them). The company is aiming to implement both still this year, as soon as possible.
In spite of all the insurance provided by the multiple payment methods the company has been target of a lot of critics and speculations, uninformed users have made false claims that the program isn’t legit. "Digital Generation" claims they are not associated with Ponzi Schemes or Data Theft. The company is aware of this criticism and hopes to let its work prove this claims wrong. The newly open office in Portugal it’s an important step in the company growth and in its long terms plans. This action was motivated by a strategic approach has the company’s installed user base is made of 14% Portuguese users.
The imaginable applications of this technology are rather limitless, and are already being used for the benefit of mankind, as the network is currently being used for decryption of the human DNA for medical research, study of stem cells, and study of proteins and also creation of animated figures in the film industry, among many other specific uses.
“Digital Generation’s” motto is “A Smart way to use your computer” this really shows the company promise of building a better future with more people aware of their participation on the universal context.
“I’m very well aware of the criticism and speculation, but I believe it’s just normal of users to be suspicious when a new technology is introduced. Working with the company and seeing the organization working efforts makes me confident we are working in the right direction for the world’s benefit.”

“It is a mistake to fear what we’ve yet to see and know, working in "Digital Generation" made me realize that we are working for a better future and it’s a privilege to work in this company.”
This article was posted on Digital Generation blog. Its good that coingeneration is setting their goal and making it known to the members. A lot of members interest is only to earn from this site,  but its good to know where we are going.  A lot of critisms had already been said with this program but it still exist. If your not a technical man you really cannot understand what they are doing and they are telling us a little.  Its our responsibility to know and understand what is the program all about and our role not only about earning.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Payments from Coin Generation starts

Payments to Jabaco a member of dated September 5, 2013

This is not my payment proof but  this proves that "Payments from Coin Generation starts".  So i am not receiving payments yet  as well as others. For me  i have not request  for cashout and  there is still no cashout buttons available.  The others are still struggling as well as many members asking for payments which are new  and others as far as  one month ago.  So why there seems to be discrimination,  specialty or selective payments; 

Good news everyone, payouts are here.

To all our customers who have believed in us in these troublesome times, we are proud to announce that the following countries are having accounts opened automatically for payouts:
Portugal, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, Austria, France, Slovakia, Dominican Republic, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Greece, Israel, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, UAE, BVI, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine.
All accounts in the countries mentioned above will be opened automatically by our system for Payza, Paxum and Egopay payouts.
The countries not mentioned in the list above, will be on hold as we validate users.
All users who didn't use PAYZA and that are NOT in a HIGH RISK COUNTRY will have their account running normal to withdraws.
All users who funded their accounts from PAYZA in the past, will have their accounts currently on hold to prevent chaos and attempts of hacking.
We will apply a limitation of 5 daily withdraws, without a maximum per transaction.
Payza disputes are almost over and again for all those who still have their disputes open we suggest to cancel them as we find it more appropriate for DG to handle refund requests and not the payment processor.
It's time for a reborn Digital Generation
Digital Generation Administration

So its now clear why there is a selective method for payments on cashout , for me i cannot request for cashout because i belong to high risk country Canada and not on the open list. I also started with as my payment processor with initial funding and cashout. 
This is good news for members of the countries that they consider not on a risk. So far the waiting time of one month is worthwhile.  Now is your time to register now and business is again starting with ..

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

New update is still not clear on payments

29 August 2013 - Nicosia, Cyprus, General Meeting of the Digital Generation Board of Directors  Mini-report on the Board of Directors' Meeting

         ( September Press Release) 

The meeting heard a report by the Executive Manager Mr. Martin Coufal which revealed the positive trends in the development of the project, presenting key marketing and financial data and revealing the results of a multifaceted analysis of the project. Particular note has been made of the development of strategic directions to reduce and optimize the impact of risks on the final result of the project for all groups: financial, technical and human factor. As a result of the difficulties that emerged at the beginning of the summer, the leadership of the project decided to plug in the work of a specially crafted team for resolution of the situation - DG Risk Management Division. The most important and memorable moment for the audience was a bright and positive performance by the leading specialist of the unit Larry Queens.

In his report Larry Queens fully accounted for the latest efforts towards the resolution of the situation, describing in detail the methods applied, and presenting a plan to evaluate the marketing strategy for 2014, which will be most effective precisely for Digital Generation, given the unique specifics of the project, its originality and unique position in the world market. "To date, we have completely eliminated all the consequences of the crisis situation which arose in July due to the project's connection to several volatile eastern regions where the level of risk and fraud had not been adequately evaluated. As a result, our partners in several countries observed a minor glitch in payments and consequently were marked by panic which was fueled by some users' individual pessimism. Fortunately, this panic was not very significant. The vast majority of members trust in the project "- according to the report. "On August 25 the stability of the market position of the Digital Generation project was solidified”- the report of Larry Queens concluded.

The report on Risk Management Division results as of 25 August 2013, which included both the report and the consolidated audit, was approved and adopted by the General Meeting of the Board of Directors.

Key Decisions of the Board of Directors

All profits obtained in 2013 will be directed towards the maintenance of Project reserves with the goal of restoration of financial stability in the shortest time. It was also decided to start an active advertising campaign in Europe, including the media and the Internet and in the long run to launch an advertising company in North America and Australia. In addition, new methods were approved for the organization of the creative process to the search for new technical and marketing solutions.

Message from the Board of Directors to Affiliates and Users

The Digital Generation management consider it necessary to express a special thanks to all our partners and users who have been with the project through thick and thin from day one, without fear of the unknown or possible difficulties, and who have become partners to a grand plan, which has no analogues in the world's history. Friends, our project successfully passed all the tests that are the lot of true pioneers. We have passed the basic stage. We were able to resolve all the technical problems without losing any time, and in a relatively short period have arrived at a stable operational mode in all divisions. Thanks to your support, we can already say with confidence that our project is much more productive than we could have predicted! We should however take into account the fact that everything is new and it is impossible to accurately analyze and predict the path of development; there may be only rough estimates at the level of fantasy. What we are seeing now has exceeded all expectations! We are happy to have you with us, we are happy to share our achievements with you and believe that it is thanks to the support of each project participant that we are obliged to ensure that Digital Generation moves on to the next stage of development ahead of schedule.

"Those who don’t believe in victory never win”

Cordially Yours,
The Management

  This new update is still not clear on payments , its a report of what had happened before and what are the plans for 2014.