Thursday, 30 January 2014

Releasing payments to CG/DG founders back

Payments Update     

In accordance with previous statement to consider changes of the current policies that were applied towards founders the management has decided to acknowledge the request with a positive decision. Payza has released the funds to us and we are awaiting for EgoPay to clarify the status of the reversed transactions (that appears to be in the middle of nowhere now) since this balance hasn't been updated on our account once restrictions towards DG account were applied by Payza. Thanks to your efforts the situation with frozen funds is being rectified and we shall start releasing payments to founders back again soon once all the missing balance is in place.

To meet the compliance requirements we are currently filing a suspicious activity report on all flagged transactions and will modify the present verification process within the next week. PayPal will be re-instated once we complete the integration of a 3-way user verification solution. The last few days were extremely hectic and we put our best efforts to deliver the liabilities.

As we may see from our stats the overall performance of the DG network hasn't been affected by the temporarily hold status of payments. It is a pleasure for us to know that despite all difficulties your willingness to support the project remains true. It was over 6 months we are attempting to recover from the summer's 2013 impact and are finally on the right track. You should be aware that our overall profits up to now are significantly less than amount of funds that was milked out by high risk counties and other non loyal members.

The community is as strong as the trust that relies between members and we are raising the required capital as of now to make your financial experience as enjoyable as before - DG will be paying no matter what you think now, period.

Best Regards,
Digital Generation Team


This is good news again releasing of payments to CG/DG founders.  I tried to cashout but it is still not available , maybe later in the following days.  

Today is January 30, 2014  we will see if can cashout on the following days , the image below describes the new cashout button 


                     2  Above image desricribes the captcha code was placed and upon 
                                  clicking on the paxum  brings the 2 image below 

3 The image below says Payment cannot be done 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Latest Important information for the CG/DG founders

The latest  important information for the CG/DG founders  was released  , maybe a lot of founders had criticized the move of  coingeneration.,com.  The latest information was the answer to the members revolting to the most important part of the activity in CG/DG  the cashout.

Important Information

Dear Founders,
To avoid the situation of getting to a critical point we inform you that the decision been taken against founder members on January 23rd might be reviewed in accordance with results of current negotiations. Payza and one of our agents still hold a six figure amount of funds and we are in process of resolving this issue with them right now. It has been against our plans to apply the conditions towards the users who form a base of our project and in order to clear up the conflict the following options are provided:

- request Payza to release funds for payouts 
- investigate the reason and provide information of the present location of one of our agent that is unable to explain where the funds are
- apply for a refund by sending a request in writing to our USA address 


- Provide us with 48-72 hrs timeframe necessary to launch new trading platform along with the products that you still consider to be a plot of our imagination.

The first options should be pretty clear and regarding the last one we have what to say to you but that's going to happen in one of our next several updates.

We may not respond to your attacks in a similar way due to our professional business manners and it's something about your Karma we will turn next to as we see that some of you lack all moral principles. You guys are sh*tting at the same place where you eat, that's the straightforward comment we'ld like to add regarding the whole situation. Just to remind, there are no janitors here to clean this up. Back off and let's starts the dialogue again, perhaps then we will find a solution faster.

There isn't anything that is impossible to accomplish if you have a plan. We have ours. It doesn't include DG to betray its members and so the vision of things from your side is actually blind to say at least. 

Italian, Portugal and Brazil communities will have their payments re-instated first as a courtesy to level of comfort we have been experiencing with them. It's not yet time to announce DG to be dead and we want you to know that we are not going to set off the sails anywhere.

Our next update will be published shortly, Payza is awaiting your reminder to speed up our inquiry!

Details of Agent that is missing over 100k will be provided ONLY to candidates that reside in Spain and have certain level of experience in such matters (investigators/collective agencies/security firms have a privilege) in order to avoid the interference of the crown into our internal business relations.

You depend on business that is backed up by a currency with no value - keep this in mind at all times and things will look right for you then. There is no magic here and if you've decided to quit the project please do so by sending a postal letter instead of jumping off the walls! The next stop is just ahead so this isn't an apocalypse and therefore better prepare yourself for something positive. We are letting the dogs out.


Looking at the information :

1. CG is saying that they will review their plans  depending on the outcome of negotiations with Payza.  As what they are saying there is still a pending 100k  which can be use for paying the members.  So this is new,  i know this is already old news  about CG or DG account  frozen now there is a new one or an old news.  Anyway  the good news they reconsider the decision and will pay ?

2.  So the latest again is the putting up of the platform Stock exchange which will  still be put up. There is already a website which but not operational yet . The business to put up chains of bitcoin ATms is still on the planning stage and again money or many  are  needed here so we are needed. 

3  There isn't anything that is impossible to accomplish if you have a plan. We have ours. It doesn't include DG to betray its members and so the vision of things from your side is actually blind to say at least.  So they are saying that they will not betray their members,  well that is good because they need us ..

4. You depend on business that is backed up by a currency with no value - keep this in mind at all times and things will look right for you then. There is no magic here and if you've decided to quit the project please do so by sending a postal letter instead of jumping off the walls! The next stop is just ahead so this isn't an apocalypse and therefore better prepare yourself for something positive. We are letting the dogs out.  

 ---Very well said CG business is backed by a currency with no value ? i dont know what this means if it means bitcoin ( no value) or  dont expect too much with CG because there is no magic with CG , if you want to quit then let it be.. Well are you qoing to quit if you still have money to cashout? 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

CG or DG sudden change members leftout

  Coingeneration(CG) or digital generation (DG)  is taking a new direction and lefting out the original plan of building a stock exchange platform which had posted on their blogs. Now all payments which was again promised on the nth time that it will be resolved had now been stop all throughout. It feels revolting for all those people who had wasted their time, money and effort. I only noticed the message when in the chat room members are mad again !! and really mad and venting on their frustrations. They are saying that DG or CG is done., or their investment gone. When i tried to look on further i found the message on the menu , payments adding funds to account, it seems CG or DG sudden change members leftout here is the message; 

Dear users!

In the light of the current state of things and our future strategic plans we find it necessary to inform you of the changes in the way we process payments to our shareholders.

Although we have been doing everything possible to sustain payouts to all our current members, the total daily amount of payouts has exceeded our capacity to sufficiently top up your purses. We want you to understand that lots of money alone is not a solution: more and more money will be required as we move on, which will inevitably damage our business' profitability and affect both ourselves and all our members. We certainly would not like to start this journey from scratch now that we are just one step away from the target. Whatever you may be thinking, we are not planning to give up, but rather want to consolidate all our efforts and achieve our goal.

Perhaps you have not yet seen any bitcoin ATMs on the way to your local supermarket, but as you can guess soon these machines will be a common sight in every city. Time is money, and this is why we decided not to wait for our competitors to get there first: we are announcing plans to create the largest private chain of bitcoin ATMs. The large number of members we have is our biggest edge, and it would be inexcusable to miss the opportunity that is unfolding before us today.

Any shareholders wishing to join this separate branch of our project can obtain an ATM to operate independently under mutual terms by submitting an application stating they have an appropriate location. Preference will be given to those shareholders who can offer the most advantageous locations, whilst others will be able to purchase their ATMs.

The platform we are currently developing will be used as transaction software and service our exchange. To sustain the turnover required to process transactions, the company management has to suspend any payouts to shareholders until such time as the exchange becomes fully operational. Payouts to shareholders will be resumed as soon as our profit from daily trading reaches the required threshold of $100,000 a day. Our policy is aimed at creating a self-contained system that would generate sustainable return to its members, and having to choose between short-term priorities and long-term prospects, we decided to go for the rational option. Our management made a tough decision to suspend any top-ups and withdrawals for any and all our shareholders, starting January 23rd, 2014. Any shareholders wishing to install an ATM should contact us regarding the suggested location and apply via their dashboard. Shareholder payouts will be resumed in full once the exchange is fully operational. We are unable to provide any fixed dates, and we ask you to approach this situation with understanding and support our management's decision to resort to these extreme measures in order to maintain future growth.

ATM manufacturers set up their serial production only recently, and while future owners are waiting for their ATMs to be shipped, it is time to act. Just pause and think of all the opportunities opening up before you right now: this is an entirely new market, and those who get in quickly enough are in for major success. So hurry up and apply for your ATM before others get there! Every day more and more people start thinking of setting up their own bitcoin ATM business, whilst others are already looking for the best location to rent and the best offers to take advantage of. And this is where we come into play.

The more ATMs we can install at this time, the bigger share of this huge market we will capture, and we would like you to join in setting up our chain whatever your views and attitude towards us may be at this very moment. Now is the time to unite our efforts and do everything we can to capture the market as quickly as possible, and we at our end can provide the equipment and the software, whilst our members can take full control of deployment. All agents within the system are entitled to a profit share from each installed ATM, hence the opportunity is in your hands. The market is still developing, and we hope you do not miss out on your chance to take your VIP seats: hurry up before this opportunity becomes one of those you once missed and now so bitterly regret. Your long-awaited chance for success is here. Forget your doubts: become a bitcoin ATM operator and start your own business. It is worth it: trust us, at least this last time.


1. DG or CG is really not stable any earnings is temporary and investment is always on a risk

2.New Members or founding members as they categorize are not decision makers, we are here to help DG or CG  on its way to profit.  If you lose and dont have no more invest  it is your own risk. They dont have the obligation to pay . This is what i see it.

3. This is reality on online ventures. They started to invite people on their goals, without money or with a little money,. now when they have accumulated big some of money they invest it .If you have invested  a lot of money that is your bread and butter then this venture is not for you because they cannot pay everyday,. their business is not stable. 

4.  Its again a wait and see for coingeneration or digital generation if they can be trusted. If there are still members that they can invite to be active , with investment, efforts and others they will continue,. and i think there are a lot because there are people who wants to earn even a little income.  

5. In particular they provided a thread manager that earns daily,  they dont have any explanation on what to do with that.  This is business for them but they are just using members. If they want to pay they will pay,,this is the kind of business online or just DG or CG