Saturday, 26 October 2013

Positivity now on dg (digital generation)

Just last October 21, 2013 there was negativity on the air with A lot of members where still not being paid from two to three months.  But i also was feeling this negativity but because there were other members who were paid  before us , there is really a room for positivity.  But now October 24 there is now that "positivity now on dg (digital generation). You no longer find members  mad , depressed but full of sweetness,  smiles, hopefuls and feeling satisfied even its only a few days since the  cashout begins. Some are  inquring on some problems but more on a civil way. And what is Great ; 

Pending Payments / Future Outlook

The situation is getting back to normal and we are ready to get over to pending payments issues. We can't admit there has been lots of compliments and support from the members during the recovery phase but we want to thank all those who have supported us and encouraged DG community during the hard times!
There remains some ballast as pending payments which we left aside since August. It's time to proceed with it now since it keeps some negativity in the air which we really consider to be an absurd pessimism. Anyways, we believe you have seen our efforts and all improvements that took place within the last week to understand that we are moving forward and it's a good moment to cheer yourself up a bit ;)
DG is much larger than a local bank and we're much more than we may seem first. Our publicity gives us great advantages above all others and all together we'll get to the next exciting stage of a financial boost which already started to heat things up! As a compliment to all users who have been affected with payouts we will provide a higher limit so they could catch up accordingly.
It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be DG with happy members on board. We'll put it above self to deliver the results. It won't we otherwise - otherwise we wouldn't be DG.
Cordially Yours,
DG Management
Its a new beginning for DG or CG  let's look at a bright future ahead , JOIN us now with

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Payment arrived at long last

I received an email on October 22, 2013 on my yahoo account from  saying that my help ticket  had already an answer.  I replied that i dont have an account  with using my yahoo email account but clarified that i have an account with them using gmail.  I also reiterate the complaint about the failed payment request on October 21, 2013 as promised. 

On the morning of  October 23, 2013  the day i am posting this there was a new update about the continues security check on other accounts that had not been payed yet ; 

The Rally Continues

As of now 90% of accounts have been validated and unblocked for payouts, we will resolve the status of remaining accounts within the next few days. We're happy to continue without any hiccups and are confident no problems will arise in the future. It has been a severe test of our abilities to handle numerous problems and solve critical issues well enough to be able to resolve the backlog of payments and move on ahead of the wind! 

Enjoy your earnings, DG Staff

Upon reading this i consider this again another positive illusion for the members though i do expect that they will pay the members  but the date i am not sure because others have been paid . Those who have been paid are the unblocked accounts which are ready for payouts. I probably belong to the 10% whose account is still blocked for payments.  


Whenever i visit the website of  i try to click on the chat rooms,  see what the members are saying and  also the important button was the personal  where you can find the request for payout.  And in my surprise ,  the button request for payout works and i was able to cashout ,  wow after waiting for two months and then a month at long last payment arrived. 

I hope this is continues , never hiccups again.. So we will see ..

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

October 21 promised payment failed again

It was a really exciting updates a promising one that i had posted the last time . See that portion of the updates below ;  

"There will be no similar situation in the future however your patience is needed at this exact moment, we will have all payment issues rectified by October 15th. Payza payouts will be available starting October 21st as we have confirmed a six figure amount to be released by Payza to DG from our outstanding balance and so far consider to provide PayPal payouts in November to all users as well. We hope to see your enthusiasm to promote DG to be pumping once things start to work perfectly well again in the nearest future. "

Now yesterday was October 21, 2013  ( i notice there was no year on the updates but i am sure it 2013) and today its already October 22, 2013.  I tried to cashout in the morning , afternoon , everning and until today , and it only failed,  when clicking on the button request for payment you will read this note :

As you see as promised  October 21 promised payment  had failed again . I really do not understand why post messages which are promising and then  fail to do it.  This is really frustrating,  how can you sustain your patience when  every promises or post updates gives you stress.  To better know the reason why it had failed again for the nth time,  i sent a message thru the ticket system  but they had not answer

Checking on the chat room , there are members who said there were paid. I really dont  know,  if they paying others  then it is a selective payment.  Doing this means , they cannot pay according to what members are expecting or their policy  that members can cashout daily.  Its really confusing,  i cannot blame others to be disgusted with this program.  It was good  for a few months , which are character of scamming programs, they only get your money , then gradually  develop problems when they cannot sustain it.  It is really time to see the other alternative programs which are similar on this niche.