Friday, 15 November 2013

DG explains about the Stocks had changed the manner on how the members will be earning with the program. I happen to know this last November 13, 2013. I found on this day that my earnings were reduced, my nine (9) threads become just one(1) and some earning were added as stocks.  This new development was abrupt without any explanation.  It was only this November 15 that DG explains about the Stocks.

By Joao on Fri, 11/15/2013 - 18:10

Good news to everyone who has stick with Digital Generation.

The period where funds were a problem is past.
We have funding available and extra funds secured for the next 3 months so we can work non-stop. We would like to apologize for the delay of the situation, but there was and is a lot of work to do.

We have been getting a lot of questions regarding stocks and founders, and we decided to inform all the users on what's going on.

What is a Founder?

Founder is a user that has been with Digital Generation from the beginning and its benefit is getting payouts from our full wallets.

Founders have daily dividends relating to ownership of stocks, you can see the Daily dividends per stock in Thread Manager and when you decide it's time to sell/buy some stocks you can do it in stock market future ( will be added shortly ).

This means that you will get the chance to profit from the sell of your stocks and after you can request an withdraw or you can buy threads and profit from them also.

There's no limit for the founders when requesting withdraws to an E-wallet, if you prefer Bank transfer it will take 2-3 bussiness days.

How do I become a Founder?

To become a founder you should be one of the roughly 500000 starting users. You will be able to see the Stocks page after loging in to your Digital Generation account.

What happens when I become a Founder?

When you login to your account, you will see a new option called Stocks with the explanation that your balances will be converted to stocks. You will either have the option to accept or decline.

If you accept, you will receive stocks converted at $10 each ( the actual valure per stock is $12,94 in 15-11-2013 ).

If you decline, you will go back to the current mode and will be only able to earn from threads.

Once again, Founders will never be locked, and they will always be able to payout its earnings.

What about our Founder referral earnings?

Founders will still receive their Non-Founders referrals earnings from those who have purchased threads starting November 1st.

As for the Founders/Thread users relation and Referral comissions, we think that Founders should encourage their downline to become Founders aswell since this is a way we need to go to workout the situation.

So, as you can see, great news for everyone, and we hope that this clarifies most of the questions that have been asked this week.

Best Regards,

Digital Generation Staff

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Latest updates about stocks controled members income

On my last article had promised that a  new updates will be presented to the members that will answer the questions about the hiccups regarding finances.  It is being observed that  withdrawals with is not an on going system. There were times that they could pay one week then the following week they cannot pay again.  The last time i cashout was November 5, 2013. . on the following day a friend who also is a member of  coingeneration was asking if i had been paid,  i told him yes and i am planning my cashout and increasing my earnings to buy more threads. He told me that they had not  been  paid for 10 days.  Its another way of coingeneration to pay the members its a selective kind of payment.   This is not good cause if they cannot sustain the payment for the members i mean all members then there kind of business is not stable.  

The New Scheme of Coingeneration  ( STOCKS) ; 

We are finally ready to share the exciting news with all members regarding adjustments of earnings and changes in DG!

Being a bona-fide company we're dedicated to run business honestly at all times, that's why we are not going to leave any of the members aside. At the same time we understand that we develop a project mission  of which is to create the most powerful PC network in the world. The DG project has already started and can't be folded or suspended, dynamics of continuous growth of our network performance allows us to successfully develop the global projects we're into and that require humongous processing powers and speeds.

We have no doubts that "Pattern Recognition" project backed by DG will be successfully realized and put into real life. You are welcome to check the details of the project published on our blog to have some  better understanding of what we're actually up to.

Our present situation doesn't leave us with much options than to divide part of the DG "Stocks" between members in order to secure their current earnings and to receive an attractive profit within the future  development of the project. We're talking about different figures and profits here than those that are earned by a current way of providing your actual processing powers to DG.

User's current balances (including available balance and threads/license keys) have been transferred to DG Stocks, this action can be reverted back within your account with all previous changes to replace the  "stocks" feature, however, should you decide to switch back to the regular account status again you will be unable to take advantage of the "Founder" position again.

We have taken these measures to prevent the debacle of DG and to allow the system life-cycle to continue, we expect you to understand that current turnaround is a better alternative to a possible suspension of  the project and we request you to bear in mind that DG will take all required actions to deliver all the obligations to it's users and we'll do our best to bring the Pattern Recognition project to life and make the dream of all DG users come true.

Welcome aboard to the New DG - it's still the beginning of a long journey!

Truly Yours,
The Management

Part of the changes was the new thread manager software version 3 ;  

First i was surprised and i am not expecting that this will happen.  I was prepared to increase my thread and my cashout in the coming days, week and months that i was already preparing to  count my cashout.  This turn of changes , raise different questions; 

Here are the changes on my account

           Before the available  balance can be cashout depending on the number of threads or you can transfer it to your current balance.  If your planning to purchased  another thread  combining the available and current balances will do it.  But now i just dont know if with the new set up it can be done. 

-  There are still questions regarding this new scheme or set up,  members cannot do anything this latest updates about stocks controlled members income,    Its another hurdle for the members.  Will there be greater income or a decrease in income members dont know , even myself  i just dont know what's  happening. With the new stocks scheme, your membership  change to being a FOUNDER  but it was not clarified what is being a founder.