Saturday, 8 March 2014

thread manager software of CG or DG not serving anything

In starting with coingeneration or digital generation you need to download the thread manager software which serves as the basis of your earnings. So there was a great used for the software when CG or DG was still paying the "Founders".  Today there are still members "the new ones" who probably are using the software but for the old members called " the founders" , the thread manager software of CG or DG is not serving anything .  The thread manager software before was the basis of CG or DG payments and i had that payment proofs on the right side of this blog,  but since the start of  2014  the last payment was no longer followed up, the last payment was January 13, 2014. 

Today its now March 8, 2014 and i dont think CG or DG will ever be serious in paying the old members or ever calling up the members. The admin or owners of CG or DG does not care what happened to us they called members.  It looks like they dont care whatever we do with there thread manager software because there are no explanation for there moves.  I think they are not affected since they are still online and can do anything what ever it takes just for them to earn. 

Their thread manager software ; 

Its a functioning software that shows earnings and synchronize with your account on the website. It shows the balances for your stock earnings and available balances.  But since there are no explanation or communication with the members i do believe its useless to maintain this thread manager software. 

For the new members of CG or DG i hope you will learn from the old members , that this site is after your new money inputs and your participation to recruit new members as long as they can pay and maintain the site but from our experienced they dont have the ability to managed.