Saturday, 14 September 2013

No hiccups on payments for honest members

Latest Updates : SMS , Chat Rooms, DG Cost/Earnings, 


Due to some technical issues with our SMS gateway we have decided to replace the existing SMS verification system with a cutting edge reverse call verification platform. Continuous growth is a positive factor and we find it important to make some necessary changes to help us improve our infrastructure and ensure that hard work of all affiliates has maximum conversion of their efforts into actual earnings.

New members are right to be concerned about some glitches they might experience within their first steps, and not only it can cost them some funds to verify their account by sending back SMS but can actually put them out of business after dropping by at the chat room. Our chat remains "free speech" zone as we respect all members rights to express their comments in public but we do consider to "tighten up belts" for the troublemaker and cheaters as a courtesy to our honored and valued members.

Digital Generation is one of the largest projects on the web and as a result our current user's mark is about to hit 500,000+ members now! At the time this post was written another $1 mln was allocated for upcoming payments the next week. Our current payout level is 20 times higher versus inward payments but regardless what the ratio is a significant injection of $14 mln is planned to take place on 23rd of September to cover all pending requests we have so far.

So how much does DG cost? Well, the service we provide doesn't have a good market value per core. However, it's important to bear in mind the TOTAL cost of this service - there are other elements that need to be considered that are likely to be much higher profitable for us rather than distribution of gains we receive from selling threads.

There will always be a certain number of "false claims" against DG by so-called "genuine users" who have been requested to explain their "instant teleport" between countries from which they've accessed their accounts or other similar cases of suspicious behavior.

Verdict: Perhaps not all but the most determined fraudsters will have their accounts blocked by our automated system in the future and will be requested to make an outgoing *FREE* call to our dedicated number to verify their actual phone/location.

Utilizing sophisticated technology and advanced software, DG is to get much better and faster than virtually any other system available today.

We guarantee that ALL honest users will have
NO hiccups receiving their earnings from DG.

Are you with us?

Truly yours,

The Management


The best that i have read about the updates is that there will be "No hiccups on payments for honest members" it means that there wont be any problems with members that are honest in dealing with Digital Generation" or CG. They assure the members "fluidity" on the transactions with DG or CG . Likely, Digital Generation (DG) is the largest project on the web and had reached membership of 500,000. $1 million was allocated for the payments next week ( updates is September 11/13) . The current payout level is 20 times higher versus inward payments but regardless what the ratio is a significant injection of $14 mln is planned to take place on 23rd of September to cover all pending requests we have so far. Digital Generation is really serious about their business, so  there are sites that envies them and just like guessing how they earn. 

They had consider this because there are still or there will be some members who will or are "fraudsters". If you will visit the chat rooms there are those saying DG or CG is a spam, a ponzi and are recruiting members to other websites.  There are also members who have guestionnable actions where locations are not consistent with verifications 

But DG or CG have some actions regarding " fraudsters the SMS system will be replaces with a cutting edge reverse call verification platform.  Fraudsters will be blocked by their automatic system.  The Chat rooms will respect the opinion of members but troublemakers and cheaters will be out. 

Nice to hear about this updates from DG, i was really thinking that they are not doing anything about some problems with the site. But there recent actions makes me secured and will be investing more , what do you think visit me here :

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Coin Generation (CG) pays after two months


Ok, this my  latest payment from it  pays after two months since
 it had stopped  because of the problem with It is now resolved and its starting to 
get the funds that was hold by and are gradually  being back to business.  I know 
thousands of members are waiting for these especially those that had put a lot of money as 
investment for the site. I only knew that it was ready when i visited my payments and click on the 
request for payment.  Upon clicking on the button to request  payment i was make to choose 
from my payment processors, and In an instant i received  my request 


We're happy to inform all members that major issues regarding payment issues were resolved today. DG is fully re-charged to make another step towards future improvements and we're working hard to catch up with old tickets addressed to billing dept. starting August 6th.

We kindly ask you to be patient as we are going thru the list of "missing payments" made via PerfectMoney right now. If you still have an issue concerning your payment please address your inquiry to Due to extremely high volume of payout requests, which occurred today once all accounts were unblocked for payouts, we suggest to use Paxum and EgoPay for withdrawals until we receive our remaining balance from Payza to raise the payout limits. Last but not least, standby for our next update and please remain positive as we are almost done putting all things together as needed.

Thank you for your continued trust, your patience will be rewarded.

Digital Generation Support Dept.


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