Friday, 19 July 2013

Running "thread manager software" on different PC's

A reader ask a question about the "thread manager application" , the question was from  "Zunaira Sabir",  dear can i use several pc to run my applicattion ?  if yes How tell me?

The question was raised  on the last article  " Is this thread manager software safe to use?" The reader  is probably a possible member who wants to know if the thread manager software can be use  or run with different  PC. 

The way i understand it  from my experienced with ""  the thread manager software is being downloaded with different PC  all over the world  from different people and nationalities on different accounts. 

But  i think  "Zunaira Sabir" wants to know  if  the application can be run on different PC's  he or she owns? 

There is a specific reply to this from the FAQ  on the help menu of coingeneration

Q: Can i use multiple computers under the same IP? With the same account? Or with different accounts?

A: Multiple computers under the same LAN/IP can only run different accounts.. with PAID threads and CANNOT be referals of each other! Run one account per computer ONLY! 

If you own different computers on the same LAN/IP at home can be run on different accounts with PAID threads  but cannot be referrals of each other...This is very clear and if you have several computer at home  you can register it on different accounts and EARN A LOT .  

There is also a big potential for those who own computers just like computer shops that can also run this thread manager software and earn big time

I remember in my country the Philippines  almost every street corners there are computer shops and they can read this article about  they should register and  make a big income aside from their regular customers who rent their computer for hours.  If they dont have customers , still their computer are earning for them... 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Is this thread software manager safe to use?

From the last discussion i presented  two available "thread manager software" which can be downloaded from the site ""  This thread software manager are good or can be use for WindowsXp/7/8  and the other one is for MacOS which is the latest release 2.5.  I am using windowsXP version  See the image below to  know a "thread manager in action"
(use this link to download)
javascript:( use this link to download)

To be sure that you can download this "Thread Manager Software" you have to visit the site . You have to be registered,  complete your profile then download the version applicable for your computer then verify your cell number as describe on the procedure. 

The basic question for this software ; Is this thread manager software safe to use? 

The  software is completely harmless. You can check this with any anti-virus program you wish. Our program will fit normally into the processor queue, it will not effect your overall system performance. In effect the program works independently, preforms only one specific function, which is to use your computers spare processing power as a chain of computers all working towards a single goal. By using distributed processing we are able to increase processing efficiency. This makes our super-computer one of the most powerful in the world, of a type not found elsewhere in the world. 

You likely already have programs like Windows Media Player, FireFox and Microsoft Office. Our Program isn't different than any other program. Its as easy to install as any other program and its completely harmless. The program works automatically, and will not interfere with other programs at all. It also won't bother you with annoying pop-ups. You won't even notice a difference in your computer's performance after you install our program. In fact the only thing you will notice because of our program is the increased size of your wallet.

Guys to be sure though had assured the safety of your computer and still your not sure , use "sandboxie"  this software , wow another one puts your program on a "box" and if there is a virus or malware it does not affect your computer. See this site for your download

What is a thread ? 

Before starting any process, its required to place it in a predefined Thread. For example, immediately after you turn on your computer you start a Thread that allows your computer to preform specific tasks, such as go on the internet, and view files and videos. Modern processors have a huge amount of possibilities, including the huge potential to create powerful Threads, most of which go unused because PC owners have no need for them. We propose that you allow us to use your processor's unused potential, which we will be happy to pay you for. 

Our super computer works on the basis of multithreading. Multithreading allows for processor's to be working on several Threads at once, processing them in parallel. This enables modern processors to either be ultra efficient, as processing tasks are divided into smaller threads. This also allows them to efficiently solve complicated algorithms. 

I am a member for more than a month and i don"t have problem with the "thread manager software" Should there be , send a message with the admin, there is a chat room on your back office. Or contact me and add me on your skype "rodskype09"

Sunday, 14 July 2013

digital generation free trial ends

Exactly June 12, 2013 the digital trial generation free trial end.  I did not know that it will end so soon how time flies so fast.  It is now indicated on the "Thread Manager window box" as you can see its now just "1 thread"

I really dont know that "free thread digital generation trial ends" i mis interpret the projected subscription and income table that was provided.  But actually i was really hooked up with this program because  i already bought one (1) thread after almost a week where the trial is still working. 

Whenever i like the program though i still have doubts with it , i cannot control but to be involve wholeheartedly.  The new purchased thread and the trial which makes 2 threads working gave more income. I just put on my mind that if this is a scam it wont be out for only a month and it will be online for maybe six to one year and i can still get my investment. As far as i know  only started June 2013. Its still a long way and a lot of earnings to make.

With the two months since i registered i already have cashout about $20 which is almost half a thread cost which is $50.  With the trial thread i notice it did not at once give a $1 / day income and within my one month there were about four days that i had no internet, this means that the $30 target income for a month cannot be reached at once with the free trial. 

The above image shows you the activation time, last activation time and the earnings of the trial and new threads.  My calculations is almost close to the images earnings. 

Presently as of this writing the image below states the present account balance on my home page. 

In a few days i will have to cashout or buy a new thread to increase my earnings using my cashout and balance would make a new "thread subscription".  

If your satisfied with my presentation join me in and happy earnings to you.