Thursday, 4 July 2013

Earnings since start with Coin Generation

I started with coin generation last June 12, 2013  and i tell you it never stops earning.  Even though its giving some earnings  i still have doubts with the program. So to be confident i  chat with my  upline and he referred me to his partner . His partner  is Digital Generation Help on skype.  I told him about my second thoughts about the project  but he assured me  that people behind the project had a lot of  informations that is not being  kept from the members. You are free to  check it out.  In my experienced online for  almost four years i have already encounter  scam sites and their  strategy. 

 The best strategy of the scammers is  your earn from the start and for almost a few months , then its gone . When your already hooked up and started  putting some  fresh investments, that/s the moment when  you the program will encounter problems and then stop,  then  all of your earnings gone and now where to retrieve. 

But we won't  be earning any money if we will be thinking always of scammed.  Online opportunities have many and money risks.  The best way is to take it easy,  prepare to be scammed and spent or invest money that you can only afford. But always be conscious,  be involve and  be investigative.  So in June 18, 2013  i invested  about $45 , which is $50 the rest of payment is from the actual  earnings.  So i have 2 threads running on my account. 

The earnings that i got since i start with coin generation or the money that i only cashout so far was about  $13.  I check the method and how fast the cashout and its really fast and instant with 

Here are the images of the cashouts ;

  This is small as compared with the earnings of my upline  ;

So if your impressed with the program and its earnings join us here