Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Is it really a great day for DG

It was last September 29   that i just posted my last article questioning when will DG or coingeneration pays again? And then i found this day  October 1, 2013  that they have a new update.  This update  gives an insight  why coingeneration.com  still cannot pay the members , the title of the update " A GREAT DAY FOR DG"  

                                    Is it really a great day for DG ?  when will it be ? 

Great day for DG!

We have been approved today by a European bank to facilitate credit card payments in EUR and USD.

Our tech dept is currently making changes to the payment gateway and we should have MasterCard payments working by Friday 4th.

We are adjusting financial cash flows to balance the funds required for payouts and unfortunately still do experience some issues having our e-wallets funded on timely basis.

It's our guarantee to you that all payouts will be completed immediately once we arrange our EgoPay and Paxum funding. We would like to bring you your attention the fact that we have all funding available on our HSBC account and are arranging the payment with their compliance dept as it's at 1st transfer to take place to an offshore account of exchanger.

DG short for digital generation , since  two months ago their problem was about Payza closing their account and until now  their problem with Payza had not been settled whilst  i know that their Payza account  was being fixed? ( probably that is the reason that payza button is still not being shown on the site ).  Now this new development  that DG had been approved  by a European Bank  is a new development  and its does not say when  will this be operational??  The name of the Bank  was also not clear , is it HSBC ? 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

When will coingeneration.com pay again

The last time coingeneration.com paid me was September 11, 2013 which was a delay of two months. I thought it will be moving forwards and no more hiccups as what they say  but again payments are stalled . Its really not easy  to understand the site , when they are saying something positive then afterwards they are showing the opposite.  September 23 to September 29 was an expectation that things will be back again to normal meaning,  that members can now request for withdrawal  even 5 times a day.  But this is already passing as of this writing and for the whole week i have tried to cashout but no results and all i got are still problems here's are the reasons; 

                          This image shows when requesting payments on your payment processors

                          The image above shows the reasons why payment cannot be done

 Whenever i see their reasons above i am thinking what is my account status and coingenerations problem. From the reasons above the thing that is probably the number one reason is : Payment account that CG use is currently our of funds and the second was script updates.  The others i do think are not applicable to my accounts. 

Reviewing the blogs updates: 


Our database is currently being updated to remove the account block and apply missing earnings for some accounts that might have been affected with the server sync. glitch.
We will update all users later today on payments status and hope to have all tech problems to be resolved today.
Our Paxum and EgoPay accounts will be funded within the next few hours, please be patient as we are applying final changes to the script to resume all payments back to instant.
Digital Generation Administration
( This update saying that paxum and egopay will be funded within the next few hours is not through because this update was Septembe 23 and today its already September 29 and i cannot cashout) 


We are in process of EgoPay and Paxum account funding, our cashflow is almost back to normal
and we expect to start processing pending payments within the next few days. A complete revision
of all blocked accounts is almost completed and we're happy to get back on track!
Stay tuned for the next update, we're still in process of resolving the ability for
EgoPay users to fund DG via Payza as well. Things have settled down and thanks to our
best efforts all valued members should have a comfortable and profitable experience with DG.
Digital Generation Administration
( This update is almost just a follow and admission that funding payment processors cannot be done in a few hours, so it has to be for the next few days, which is not clear and no target date, meaning a waiting game again) 
So the only thing that we can do is wait and let the thread manager operates and when it reaches another $50 on the available balance its either you try cashout or transfer it to the account balance to purchase again another thread and until you can cashout. If you still have the time , surf and try other income opportunities which i am doing at the same time.  I can cashout with other sites like  http://www.ayuwage.com/?reg=103039 ,  $10 is not much but your not zero for a week