Friday, 18 October 2013

Another promising update from DG

I just found out an update when i click on the profile and payments. The update was this ;

This serves as a follow up on the latest side effects post on which clarification on payments was posted. This seems to be another promising update from DG. 

The latest date that every member will be expecting was the payout on October 21, 2013.  But i could not wait for that day , my account had reached another $50  which means i can purchase another thread. That is what i had done again,  so my thread is already seven (7).  This is what i can do at the moment, continously increase the earnings through the thread software and when balances reach its $50 its another thread, which means  more earnings. When there is an available time to cashout then its easy and more bigger cashout to make.  

Monday, 14 October 2013

Digital Generation Ddos attacked

Its been a few days since Digital Generation had been Ddos attacked.  I noticed this yesterday October 13, when i cannot load the website . I suspect its being Ddos attacked.  Though i presume there was really a problem , i did not mind about it because in the afternoon i could load the site and login. I even posted their new update which was about "clarifying on confusion about payments".

                  Here was the update that Digital Generation is being Ddos attacked; 

Denial of Service Attack

We are currently undergoing a massive Denial Of Service (DDoS) attack on our servers, we are currently implementing new tools to prevent this type of attacks in the future.
We were taken by surprise and we are working into solve this situation as soon as possible.
We will implement a permanent system to prevent this type of attacks in the future, a new mechanism to make it harder for an attacker to disconnect the website.
Thanks for understanding,
Digital Generation Administration
I wonder why and who make a Ddos attacked on Digital Generation. Is it from the members who are mad and frustrated with the program and  new stories every week and promises or it was anybody who are really making of sites being Ddos attacked.  The event had proven that is weak with his site and vulnerable and they were not ready for this attacked , it is only now that they say it wont happen again, but until this day October 14/2013  it had been three days and its still hard to load the site and login.