Friday, 14 February 2014

Bitcoin ATM machine from digital coingeneration

Last time an update was posted here on my article about  the status of digital coingeneration.  On the update it was mentioned that digital coingeneration is coming up with an ATM bitcoin machine being offered to any member or interested party that would be investing on this kind of machine any where in the world and here is a video about this machine ; 

As far as i know the first machine that i did saw was here in Vancouver , Canada so its not a new idea from digital  There are already a lot of suppliers of this ATM bitcoin machine.  Now the one being offered by  is . 

A blogger who is specially posting articles about  had revealed in his post that the name btc-o-matic is not an original from digital coingeneration . From Google search result for “btc-o-matic” point them to a website which tied to a person’s name “AnsgarSchmidt” appears to be a coder. Immediately contacted the “AnsgarSchmidt” and his respond to a simple question was “NO” a big “NO” really indicating that “AnsgarSchmidt” have no link or relationship with website.

So if this is true , the promise on the latest updates that digital that members will be paid  from the sale of this ATM machine is again another ploy.  Learn more from the research of this blogger ;

Thursday, 13 February 2014

No more chatroom but new "next step"

For the last three days i there was no more "Chatroom" for digital but a new update was about the "next step". I know the admin or any body from digital will really be affected with everyday post that "coingeneration is a scam site". There response was take out the chat room so they wont read anymore of the members angry words and condemnation.  Maybe they are worried that new members which they are paying  will be affected.  For your information here's the  latest "NEXT STEP";

The Next Step

We have been a long ride on this wave and have made a remarkable achievement getting things ready for the next great step.

The more time we have spending in the industry the better feel we have of the overall market situation. It's a starting line to a change to a breakthrough of the way our system works and it's global future.

Here comes the best and fastest verification system that will be used for ID validation and secure card payments across all DG platforms. PayPal payments are to be re-instated for all 3-way verified accounts the next week and we're proud to have our mobile application released shortly. Finally! ;)

Being a mastery of the tricks our users have been able to falsify their account information to use multiple applications on their PC's. We kindly remind and suggest to avoid any unethical behavior or other actions that might directly or indirectly result in permanent suspension of your membership. We'ld like to see things work as they were initially planned and now it looks as a great opportunity for DG to get at the top.

Revenue on commissions from all trades handled via DG exchange and bitcoin funding fees will be paid out as net profits to all founder members once the trade platform starts to function. There are no 3rd party developers to speed up the process and we prefer to have all front end programming to be done by our mastermind coders and security experts. 

The expectations are to have our users to eightfold in count within the next 6 months as we're pulling in new strategies and products designed to boost the digital economy and DG itself.

The plan looks good to work however does require some of your efforts helping us drive traffic to the trading platform along with placement and operation of the self service instant bitcoin top-up terminals. They are available for pre-order right now and the first 10 units have been already shipped to our warehouse, the other 50 units will be available for sale in March. 

Last week was one of the most challenging periods for major BTC marketplaces and that's where we come into play! The market does require a regulated financial service and we are about to launch a industry leading platform to handle all your crypto & digital currency exchanges. Be prepared for KYC compliance and other traditional anti-laundering practices to take place, no anonymous accounts will be allowed.

You see a top of an iceberg so far but be assured DG is to take on the world regardless how perfect our performance was until now. When all ends will meet you'll feel having a gold medal for your patience and earnings achieved during this difficult period.

Sitting on the crossroads of decisions we want to start the upcoming Spring season with something positive and want to have a new kind of appearance and your vision along with the entire world.

Digital Generation - a smarter way to use your PC.

It seems that its a far long wait again with these new " NEXT STEP" it still all a plan. 

Monday, 10 February 2014

What is the real status of digital coin generation ?

One week had past and still there are no developments with coingenerations thrust of funding or cashing out of founders.  What is the real status of digital coin generation. Again a lot of founders members are really frustrated with this site.  A lot of old members believe that  those who can cashout are new members,  as what the image below is showing ;  There was an update that payza had paid on their frozen account, they had sold a big amount of bitcoins, a bank had approved their funding but not a single $ can a founder cashout?

The image above is the latest payments which is updated February 10. This is really contrary to a former updates that founders wont have hiccups on their payments. But what is happening is Founders are stopped from cashing out.  With this happening what the Founders can do or those who cannot cashout was to let the thread software run and buy threads  which eventually by some miracle " CASHOUT " can be done. 

With what is happening that only new members can cashout,  there is already a lot of members sees this as a "PONZI" scheme where new members are paid for a few times , then it stops. Just like what they have done to members , where the investment where captured as stocks and promised to be paid " NO HICCUPS" but eventually end up stopping of payments, which probably would happen to new members. 

So eventually others are seeing that since there is a new site being develop by CG which is "DG, will be closed in the near future probably they are also raising funds for this site. Its really a  "mystery" what is  The site has a chat room but no one is in charge .what ever you say  or ask there are no replies.  You send a ticket it is seldom being answered.  Updates are not really up to date. I dont really know what would really happen, its a wait and see or its about time not to depend with .