Saturday, 22 February 2014

There are other digital coingeneration sites

Digital is busy with  btc-o-matic ATM for the bitcoins and also probably about the DG stocks. Btc-o-matic is about selling of the bitcoin ATMs  and the DG stocks is about a trading site or crypto exchange.  Both of these sites needs money, traffic and people in order to operational and profitable.  As to the present status of which i think is only catering to new members since  these are the presently being paid and still trust the site.  The stock founders which are old members and not being paid no longer believe with  unless they pay what they promised. So we cannot depend now and wait for I dont think coingeneration  needs the old founder members  they have to re-generate with new members because it would be easier to convince rather that the old ones who already knows what they are doing and who had lost there trust unless they pay,  so there are still many options.

There are other digital coingeneration sites online on which interested parties could be involve and earn. When coingeneration started the goal was to build up a "supercomputer" and engage in cloud computing but events changes when the coingeneration there were talking about was not about "cloud computing" but directed to "bit COIN generation.  Even the follower site of  followed them and also were re- directed to bit COIN generation.  

Here's is the other digital coingeneration sites ; 

EOBOT  This was the first that i consider my first bitcoin and other crypto        mining sites. It is mining and exchanging bitcoins, ppcoins, litecoins,    namecoins, feather and  dogecoins using CPU/GPU software and cloud VPS/ Hashing works. CPU/GPU is using PC power which is free and the cloud computing can be purchase through paypal and bitcoins  EOBOT had presented other coingeneration sites which are there competitors ; 

    Cashgopher deals not with bitcoins but with US dollars in generation, as 
    well as with gomezpeer, rublik, BOINC and with CG 
    has a thread manager software generating dollar amounts and it is rather
    confusing is this for real, generating dollars or bitcoins. 

We pay our providers (you) a fair price, then we re-package and sell it Here at Idle Processor Utilization Services, LLC, we purchase unused/under-utilized/idle computer at a profit. 100% OF OUR ANNUAL PROFITS are distributed to our Members, which includes all Division Account Managers. It is our goal to distribute the ownership of Idle Processor Utilization Services, LLC, equally, to ANY Member who wishes to invest time, money, and energy into this endeavor. This is not altruism - this is fair compensation for hard work, planning, and execution.  The site pays you for "just letting your computer on" which was the catch phrase of "" before. 

They also provide a software to see what your earnings are and using your computer power you will earn more by purchasing referrals and their founder status. They pay through paypal, western union, payz, ego pak, solid trust and bitcoins.

Other digital coingeneration sites are more on bitcoin mining which can also be considered "coingeneration" systems but more directly connected with bitcoins or crypro currencies like EOBOT.