Monday, 25 November 2013

DG is getting bigger and better again!

One very important  matter that happened to is that you are now being assured that being a founder you wont have problems in your cashout even if its almost daily. DG  is more confident "DG is getting bigger and better again".

Positive changes

Dear members,
We have great news for all - DG is getting bigger and better again! Yes, you've heard it right, the past times of uncertainty are over and we've kicked off again to deliver the best earnings on the web. 
Today, DG is not only the largest project of it's kind but is truly unique because of it's humongous income potential. We are expecting to have the stock trading platform fully operational starting December 1st and look towards future success and enthusiasm of all members during this HOT winter! Our invention fund capital has been recently backed up with additional fund injections to secure stable & non-stop payouts to all founders for at least the next upcoming season. 
We encourage the remaining part of members that have not yet decided to take advantage of the founder position to proceed today as the conversion rate for the stock purchase will be set according to the actual rate of over $14 shortly instead of the current $10/stock price. 
It's time for a better change now and we're confident you'll see all the benefits of being a founder in the nearest future.
DG - from good to best is just one step.
Truly Yours,
DG Staff
Here's another one of my cashout the lates ; 

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