Monday, 25 November 2013

DG is getting bigger and better again!

One very important  matter that happened to is that you are now being assured that being a founder you wont have problems in your cashout even if its almost daily. DG  is more confident "DG is getting bigger and better again".

Positive changes

Dear members,
We have great news for all - DG is getting bigger and better again! Yes, you've heard it right, the past times of uncertainty are over and we've kicked off again to deliver the best earnings on the web. 
Today, DG is not only the largest project of it's kind but is truly unique because of it's humongous income potential. We are expecting to have the stock trading platform fully operational starting December 1st and look towards future success and enthusiasm of all members during this HOT winter! Our invention fund capital has been recently backed up with additional fund injections to secure stable & non-stop payouts to all founders for at least the next upcoming season. 
We encourage the remaining part of members that have not yet decided to take advantage of the founder position to proceed today as the conversion rate for the stock purchase will be set according to the actual rate of over $14 shortly instead of the current $10/stock price. 
It's time for a better change now and we're confident you'll see all the benefits of being a founder in the nearest future.
DG - from good to best is just one step.
Truly Yours,
DG Staff
Here's another one of my cashout the lates ; 

   See more earnings ............. ..................>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Friday, 15 November 2013

DG explains about the Stocks had changed the manner on how the members will be earning with the program. I happen to know this last November 13, 2013. I found on this day that my earnings were reduced, my nine (9) threads become just one(1) and some earning were added as stocks.  This new development was abrupt without any explanation.  It was only this November 15 that DG explains about the Stocks.

By Joao on Fri, 11/15/2013 - 18:10

Good news to everyone who has stick with Digital Generation.

The period where funds were a problem is past.
We have funding available and extra funds secured for the next 3 months so we can work non-stop. We would like to apologize for the delay of the situation, but there was and is a lot of work to do.

We have been getting a lot of questions regarding stocks and founders, and we decided to inform all the users on what's going on.

What is a Founder?

Founder is a user that has been with Digital Generation from the beginning and its benefit is getting payouts from our full wallets.

Founders have daily dividends relating to ownership of stocks, you can see the Daily dividends per stock in Thread Manager and when you decide it's time to sell/buy some stocks you can do it in stock market future ( will be added shortly ).

This means that you will get the chance to profit from the sell of your stocks and after you can request an withdraw or you can buy threads and profit from them also.

There's no limit for the founders when requesting withdraws to an E-wallet, if you prefer Bank transfer it will take 2-3 bussiness days.

How do I become a Founder?

To become a founder you should be one of the roughly 500000 starting users. You will be able to see the Stocks page after loging in to your Digital Generation account.

What happens when I become a Founder?

When you login to your account, you will see a new option called Stocks with the explanation that your balances will be converted to stocks. You will either have the option to accept or decline.

If you accept, you will receive stocks converted at $10 each ( the actual valure per stock is $12,94 in 15-11-2013 ).

If you decline, you will go back to the current mode and will be only able to earn from threads.

Once again, Founders will never be locked, and they will always be able to payout its earnings.

What about our Founder referral earnings?

Founders will still receive their Non-Founders referrals earnings from those who have purchased threads starting November 1st.

As for the Founders/Thread users relation and Referral comissions, we think that Founders should encourage their downline to become Founders aswell since this is a way we need to go to workout the situation.

So, as you can see, great news for everyone, and we hope that this clarifies most of the questions that have been asked this week.

Best Regards,

Digital Generation Staff

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Latest updates about stocks controled members income

On my last article had promised that a  new updates will be presented to the members that will answer the questions about the hiccups regarding finances.  It is being observed that  withdrawals with is not an on going system. There were times that they could pay one week then the following week they cannot pay again.  The last time i cashout was November 5, 2013. . on the following day a friend who also is a member of  coingeneration was asking if i had been paid,  i told him yes and i am planning my cashout and increasing my earnings to buy more threads. He told me that they had not  been  paid for 10 days.  Its another way of coingeneration to pay the members its a selective kind of payment.   This is not good cause if they cannot sustain the payment for the members i mean all members then there kind of business is not stable.  

The New Scheme of Coingeneration  ( STOCKS) ; 

We are finally ready to share the exciting news with all members regarding adjustments of earnings and changes in DG!

Being a bona-fide company we're dedicated to run business honestly at all times, that's why we are not going to leave any of the members aside. At the same time we understand that we develop a project mission  of which is to create the most powerful PC network in the world. The DG project has already started and can't be folded or suspended, dynamics of continuous growth of our network performance allows us to successfully develop the global projects we're into and that require humongous processing powers and speeds.

We have no doubts that "Pattern Recognition" project backed by DG will be successfully realized and put into real life. You are welcome to check the details of the project published on our blog to have some  better understanding of what we're actually up to.

Our present situation doesn't leave us with much options than to divide part of the DG "Stocks" between members in order to secure their current earnings and to receive an attractive profit within the future  development of the project. We're talking about different figures and profits here than those that are earned by a current way of providing your actual processing powers to DG.

User's current balances (including available balance and threads/license keys) have been transferred to DG Stocks, this action can be reverted back within your account with all previous changes to replace the  "stocks" feature, however, should you decide to switch back to the regular account status again you will be unable to take advantage of the "Founder" position again.

We have taken these measures to prevent the debacle of DG and to allow the system life-cycle to continue, we expect you to understand that current turnaround is a better alternative to a possible suspension of  the project and we request you to bear in mind that DG will take all required actions to deliver all the obligations to it's users and we'll do our best to bring the Pattern Recognition project to life and make the dream of all DG users come true.

Welcome aboard to the New DG - it's still the beginning of a long journey!

Truly Yours,
The Management

Part of the changes was the new thread manager software version 3 ;  

First i was surprised and i am not expecting that this will happen.  I was prepared to increase my thread and my cashout in the coming days, week and months that i was already preparing to  count my cashout.  This turn of changes , raise different questions; 

Here are the changes on my account

           Before the available  balance can be cashout depending on the number of threads or you can transfer it to your current balance.  If your planning to purchased  another thread  combining the available and current balances will do it.  But now i just dont know if with the new set up it can be done. 

-  There are still questions regarding this new scheme or set up,  members cannot do anything this latest updates about stocks controlled members income,    Its another hurdle for the members.  Will there be greater income or a decrease in income members dont know , even myself  i just dont know what's  happening. With the new stocks scheme, your membership  change to being a FOUNDER  but it was not clarified what is being a founder.  

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Update for moving forward coming

Coingeneration is improving the program and the site since it had many problems on its early existence.  It had evolve from two versions of the thread manager,  it had overcome the problems with the hackers who had stole a lot of money of the site,  it had overcome the DDOS attack  and now its improving its finances and cashout.  The members are now to receive new developments and updates as what this messages had been relayed to all; 

We are preparing an update to be published tomorrow that will explain our current situation and upcoming changes that will take effect this week to resolve the situation with the payment gateway issues. Getting ahead of things we can assure you that DG management has a solution to bring in the required funding as of now to keep up the operation and continue further development and company growth. Tomorrow will be the day and we kindly ask you to avoid any panic or doubts until you see our official press release for November - we're switching over to a new course and we're open for a productive and reliable business in the future.
Standby for update,
DG Team

Dear Users,
We would like to apologize for the delay publishing the update and putting the changes into effect, the update will take place over the weekend for sure and we kindly ask you to express some more patience as we've resolved the payments situation and have lot's to show besides that.
It is required for all users to update to version 3.0 in order for the system to work properly, new release of ThreadManager application will be published tomorrow. Please avoid the confusion as we instruct our staff right now of the changes that will take effect to explain you the situation.
Thank you for your extraordinary patience, payouts ahead!
DG Staff
   --------------------------------------digital generation-----------------------------------
What is clear is that we are going to received updates clarifying the situation of  particularly of the withdrawals,  funding, situation of coingeneration and the new thread manager software version 3.  The two messages above is only a notice of the coming updates and again apology for the delay. Actually this is somewhat a weakness of  coingeneration, whenever it says something  it is not an up to date information,  it is always delayed but what is important  is they fulfill what there saying.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Looks like a daily cashout

My last cashout with was October 23 and October 28 and this made me confident that business had started again with coingeneration.  So i was able to purchase another thread from the site which made my total to nine (9) threads.  My plan was not invest more money but just to wait for  the time my earnings reaches  $50 and cashout from time to time to recover or get the profits. 

This November 5,2013 i tried in the morning to cashout again but i cannot do it. So sent a complaint about the withdrawal that cannot be done. I went to work in the morning then when i came back, i tried again and wow.eeeee i was able to cashout again " looks like its gonna be a daily cashout". 

I am now wishing that this  cashout works out everytime  i request my withdrawal.  I had been with paid to click sites for a couple of years and i never had this experienced that almost daily you can cashout. It will take you  weeks or months to cashout with paid to click but this coingeneration  is hotly different. 

So for those former members my downlines who had shy away with and those readers on my blog  join now this site  and  make your wallet full with a daily cashout. 

Monday, 28 October 2013

DG is proving they mean business

My last cashout with coingeneration was last October 23, 2013.  Since that day i was trying to see if i can still  make a withdrawal with the site.  And i had proven it this time October 28, 2013 . I was able to cashout  $8  to  My number of threads was eight (8) and i  have it.  DG is proving they mean business 

Its  good news for  former members who had shy away from . Its high time to return back and benefit from the program.  For those who don"t  know , comment on this blog and send me an email.  I will help you with the site and the program.

What is new with digital generation?  

It now has now a real time payments status that shows that it is paying and the date of the cashout , see this image below  ; 

To view the actual  Real Time Payments here's the link        

DG is also now updating its members on some information about the site and program 


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Positivity now on dg (digital generation)

Just last October 21, 2013 there was negativity on the air with A lot of members where still not being paid from two to three months.  But i also was feeling this negativity but because there were other members who were paid  before us , there is really a room for positivity.  But now October 24 there is now that "positivity now on dg (digital generation). You no longer find members  mad , depressed but full of sweetness,  smiles, hopefuls and feeling satisfied even its only a few days since the  cashout begins. Some are  inquring on some problems but more on a civil way. And what is Great ; 

Pending Payments / Future Outlook

The situation is getting back to normal and we are ready to get over to pending payments issues. We can't admit there has been lots of compliments and support from the members during the recovery phase but we want to thank all those who have supported us and encouraged DG community during the hard times!
There remains some ballast as pending payments which we left aside since August. It's time to proceed with it now since it keeps some negativity in the air which we really consider to be an absurd pessimism. Anyways, we believe you have seen our efforts and all improvements that took place within the last week to understand that we are moving forward and it's a good moment to cheer yourself up a bit ;)
DG is much larger than a local bank and we're much more than we may seem first. Our publicity gives us great advantages above all others and all together we'll get to the next exciting stage of a financial boost which already started to heat things up! As a compliment to all users who have been affected with payouts we will provide a higher limit so they could catch up accordingly.
It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be DG with happy members on board. We'll put it above self to deliver the results. It won't we otherwise - otherwise we wouldn't be DG.
Cordially Yours,
DG Management
Its a new beginning for DG or CG  let's look at a bright future ahead , JOIN us now with

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Payment arrived at long last

I received an email on October 22, 2013 on my yahoo account from  saying that my help ticket  had already an answer.  I replied that i dont have an account  with using my yahoo email account but clarified that i have an account with them using gmail.  I also reiterate the complaint about the failed payment request on October 21, 2013 as promised. 

On the morning of  October 23, 2013  the day i am posting this there was a new update about the continues security check on other accounts that had not been payed yet ; 

The Rally Continues

As of now 90% of accounts have been validated and unblocked for payouts, we will resolve the status of remaining accounts within the next few days. We're happy to continue without any hiccups and are confident no problems will arise in the future. It has been a severe test of our abilities to handle numerous problems and solve critical issues well enough to be able to resolve the backlog of payments and move on ahead of the wind! 

Enjoy your earnings, DG Staff

Upon reading this i consider this again another positive illusion for the members though i do expect that they will pay the members  but the date i am not sure because others have been paid . Those who have been paid are the unblocked accounts which are ready for payouts. I probably belong to the 10% whose account is still blocked for payments.  


Whenever i visit the website of  i try to click on the chat rooms,  see what the members are saying and  also the important button was the personal  where you can find the request for payout.  And in my surprise ,  the button request for payout works and i was able to cashout ,  wow after waiting for two months and then a month at long last payment arrived. 

I hope this is continues , never hiccups again.. So we will see ..

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

October 21 promised payment failed again

It was a really exciting updates a promising one that i had posted the last time . See that portion of the updates below ;  

"There will be no similar situation in the future however your patience is needed at this exact moment, we will have all payment issues rectified by October 15th. Payza payouts will be available starting October 21st as we have confirmed a six figure amount to be released by Payza to DG from our outstanding balance and so far consider to provide PayPal payouts in November to all users as well. We hope to see your enthusiasm to promote DG to be pumping once things start to work perfectly well again in the nearest future. "

Now yesterday was October 21, 2013  ( i notice there was no year on the updates but i am sure it 2013) and today its already October 22, 2013.  I tried to cashout in the morning , afternoon , everning and until today , and it only failed,  when clicking on the button request for payment you will read this note :

As you see as promised  October 21 promised payment  had failed again . I really do not understand why post messages which are promising and then  fail to do it.  This is really frustrating,  how can you sustain your patience when  every promises or post updates gives you stress.  To better know the reason why it had failed again for the nth time,  i sent a message thru the ticket system  but they had not answer

Checking on the chat room , there are members who said there were paid. I really dont  know,  if they paying others  then it is a selective payment.  Doing this means , they cannot pay according to what members are expecting or their policy  that members can cashout daily.  Its really confusing,  i cannot blame others to be disgusted with this program.  It was good  for a few months , which are character of scamming programs, they only get your money , then gradually  develop problems when they cannot sustain it.  It is really time to see the other alternative programs which are similar on this niche.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Another promising update from DG

I just found out an update when i click on the profile and payments. The update was this ;

This serves as a follow up on the latest side effects post on which clarification on payments was posted. This seems to be another promising update from DG. 

The latest date that every member will be expecting was the payout on October 21, 2013.  But i could not wait for that day , my account had reached another $50  which means i can purchase another thread. That is what i had done again,  so my thread is already seven (7).  This is what i can do at the moment, continously increase the earnings through the thread software and when balances reach its $50 its another thread, which means  more earnings. When there is an available time to cashout then its easy and more bigger cashout to make.  

Monday, 14 October 2013

Digital Generation Ddos attacked

Its been a few days since Digital Generation had been Ddos attacked.  I noticed this yesterday October 13, when i cannot load the website . I suspect its being Ddos attacked.  Though i presume there was really a problem , i did not mind about it because in the afternoon i could load the site and login. I even posted their new update which was about "clarifying on confusion about payments".

                  Here was the update that Digital Generation is being Ddos attacked; 

Denial of Service Attack

We are currently undergoing a massive Denial Of Service (DDoS) attack on our servers, we are currently implementing new tools to prevent this type of attacks in the future.
We were taken by surprise and we are working into solve this situation as soon as possible.
We will implement a permanent system to prevent this type of attacks in the future, a new mechanism to make it harder for an attacker to disconnect the website.
Thanks for understanding,
Digital Generation Administration
I wonder why and who make a Ddos attacked on Digital Generation. Is it from the members who are mad and frustrated with the program and  new stories every week and promises or it was anybody who are really making of sites being Ddos attacked.  The event had proven that is weak with his site and vulnerable and they were not ready for this attacked , it is only now that they say it wont happen again, but until this day October 14/2013  it had been three days and its still hard to load the site and login. 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Clarifying confusion on payments

There are a lot of confusions and frustrations with program and sites. For almost two months going to the third month new updates could be read on homepage and blogs.  Now a new and latest message was posted about  "clarifying confusion on payments" 

Side Effects By Joao on Thu, 10/10/2013 - 07:56

We would like to clarify the present situation with payments to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. Daily withdrawal volume that we are able to support is 30% less than required to make sure everything is great. This is a temporarily problem which we may assure you will be fully resolved as we have all required funding available on our offshore accounts and are almost ready to boost our financial engine back again. 
For sure it's been quite a while since we've finished dealing with Payza refunds, however, as you might have noticed, all request we received were resolved. It was against our plans to run into such turnaround but still intend to resume Payza payouts to speed up with payments. DG is currently preparing a press release for October 2013 and we have some fantastic news to share! 

New version will allow custom branding modifications to allow individual peer-to-peer networks alike DG to be developed by any user, we believe that the competition in data processing markets is to skyrocket in 2014 with new players coming into this industry. We have nothing against newbies to show up on the block but have decided to secure our market presence from possible unethical actions and consider to follow the strategy aimed towards M&A of other data processors. All necessary steps to provide a turnkey platform for distribution, billing and marketing are being taken now and we're just about ready to strike!

We kindly request all members to provide us the required timeframe to finalize all arrangements with script update and optimization of cashflow. There will be no similar situation in the future however your patience is needed at this exact moment, we will have all payment issues rectified by October 15th. Payza payouts will be available starting October 21st as we have confirmed a six figure amount to be released by Payza to DG from our outstanding balance and so far consider to provide PayPal payouts in November to all users as well. We hope to see your enthusiasm to promote DG to be pumping once things start to work perfectly well again in the nearest future.
Life doesn't always give fair chances to all but our destiny is in our hands.
Truly yours,
Digital Generation Administration
Some notes to ponder ; 
1. Daily withdrawal volume that we are able to support is 30% less than required to make sure everything is great.  ( I had not received any payment i dont know how much and where that 30% goes or being paid)
2. A temporary problem because of the offshore accounts being resolved. 
3. Payza refunds finished . There is an intention to use again payza. 
4. New version will allow custom branding modifications to allow individual peer-to-peer networks alike DG to be developed by any user, we believe that the competition in data processing markets is to skyrocket in 2014 with new players coming into this industry.
5. All payment issues rectified by October 15th. Payza payouts will be available starting October 21st as we have confirmed a six figure amount to be released by Payza to DG from our outstanding balance and so far consider to provide PayPal payouts in November to all users as well. 

Monday, 7 October 2013

Number of threads can be the cashout on DG

After posting new updates that DG had been approved by a European Bank there's now a new policy changes.  The number of threads on the account can be the cashout on DG.  Meaning , since i have six (6) threads on my account  since i registered , i can only cashout $6 but withdrawals more than $6 can be done on a bank transfers. Its a deduction of a big proportion to former cashout on whatever available balance.  But still the worst part again and again ,  trying the cashout several times does not  work.

To Illustrate here are the images; 

The image above is where you click on payment request. 

Clicking on request for payments leads to the processor buttons. 

Trying on clicking on the paxum and egopay will result on the image below.



I really dont know why they post new policy that they are not ready to impliment. Its amateurished and not being professional.  Its like treating their members as children or like slaves on whatever they do they can do it  because every member are dependent on them for earnings.  Its disappointing though i can't do anything except  to wait and follow recommendations from other members.  Other members believe that DG is doing bitcoin mining.  I had been doing that for a period of time , so wait for the additional post about bitcoin here.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Is it really a great day for DG

It was last September 29   that i just posted my last article questioning when will DG or coingeneration pays again? And then i found this day  October 1, 2013  that they have a new update.  This update  gives an insight  why  still cannot pay the members , the title of the update " A GREAT DAY FOR DG"  

                                    Is it really a great day for DG ?  when will it be ? 

Great day for DG!

We have been approved today by a European bank to facilitate credit card payments in EUR and USD.

Our tech dept is currently making changes to the payment gateway and we should have MasterCard payments working by Friday 4th.

We are adjusting financial cash flows to balance the funds required for payouts and unfortunately still do experience some issues having our e-wallets funded on timely basis.

It's our guarantee to you that all payouts will be completed immediately once we arrange our EgoPay and Paxum funding. We would like to bring you your attention the fact that we have all funding available on our HSBC account and are arranging the payment with their compliance dept as it's at 1st transfer to take place to an offshore account of exchanger.

DG short for digital generation , since  two months ago their problem was about Payza closing their account and until now  their problem with Payza had not been settled whilst  i know that their Payza account  was being fixed? ( probably that is the reason that payza button is still not being shown on the site ).  Now this new development  that DG had been approved  by a European Bank  is a new development  and its does not say when  will this be operational??  The name of the Bank  was also not clear , is it HSBC ? 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

When will pay again

The last time paid me was September 11, 2013 which was a delay of two months. I thought it will be moving forwards and no more hiccups as what they say  but again payments are stalled . Its really not easy  to understand the site , when they are saying something positive then afterwards they are showing the opposite.  September 23 to September 29 was an expectation that things will be back again to normal meaning,  that members can now request for withdrawal  even 5 times a day.  But this is already passing as of this writing and for the whole week i have tried to cashout but no results and all i got are still problems here's are the reasons; 

                          This image shows when requesting payments on your payment processors

                          The image above shows the reasons why payment cannot be done

 Whenever i see their reasons above i am thinking what is my account status and coingenerations problem. From the reasons above the thing that is probably the number one reason is : Payment account that CG use is currently our of funds and the second was script updates.  The others i do think are not applicable to my accounts. 

Reviewing the blogs updates: 


Our database is currently being updated to remove the account block and apply missing earnings for some accounts that might have been affected with the server sync. glitch.
We will update all users later today on payments status and hope to have all tech problems to be resolved today.
Our Paxum and EgoPay accounts will be funded within the next few hours, please be patient as we are applying final changes to the script to resume all payments back to instant.
Digital Generation Administration
( This update saying that paxum and egopay will be funded within the next few hours is not through because this update was Septembe 23 and today its already September 29 and i cannot cashout) 


We are in process of EgoPay and Paxum account funding, our cashflow is almost back to normal
and we expect to start processing pending payments within the next few days. A complete revision
of all blocked accounts is almost completed and we're happy to get back on track!
Stay tuned for the next update, we're still in process of resolving the ability for
EgoPay users to fund DG via Payza as well. Things have settled down and thanks to our
best efforts all valued members should have a comfortable and profitable experience with DG.
Digital Generation Administration
( This update is almost just a follow and admission that funding payment processors cannot be done in a few hours, so it has to be for the next few days, which is not clear and no target date, meaning a waiting game again) 
So the only thing that we can do is wait and let the thread manager operates and when it reaches another $50 on the available balance its either you try cashout or transfer it to the account balance to purchase again another thread and until you can cashout. If you still have the time , surf and try other income opportunities which i am doing at the same time.  I can cashout with other sites like ,  $10 is not much but your not zero for a week