Friday, 20 September 2013

Hiccups still exist on DG payments

We guarantee that ALL honest users will have
NO hiccups receiving their earnings from DG.

Are you with us?

Truly yours,

The Management


This was an update with  that was supposed to happened and which was not ,  probably its what they intended to do but have not achieved yet. There's must be a reason why it's still not happening, hiccups still exist on DG payments , here is why???? 

News update

We are making update to the script to enable PayPal payments, please bear with us while we configure our in-call phone verification system to proceed with unblock of accounts.
So far we have not received report on completed refunds from Payza and therefore are forced to keep the limitations until we have all info in place.
There is currently a mid six figure amount of remaining balance that we are awaiting from Payza to re-instate payouts via Payza.
We expect to be able to accept EgoPay that was previously funded via Payza by the end of this week as well.
It takes us a bit longer than we expected to resolve all the formalities and may assure all members we'll rock this place no matter what it takes us.

United we stand, DG Staff

Blocked Accounts

Account verification process will be completed within the next 24 hours, we apologize for the inconvenience and will enable payouts for all blocked accounts that were suspended due to IP restrictions that were applied this week.

DG is ready to rush forward and we're starting to bring the long awaited improvements into the system as we are now completely developed to focus on increase of our network performance.

You will notice the changes to the better side starting next week as we're clearing the payments to go into our ewallets for mass payouts to all members.
Digital Generation Administration
As of to date Paypal is one of the payment processors of

Having paypal as one of a payment processor makes  highly reliable. Its hard to be a partner of paypal especially if others think is a ponzi, there's no way paypal will approve of ponzi scheme. 

Another date next week September 23 could be the start as the last update says " 

You will notice the changes to the better side starting next week as we're clearing the payments to go into our ewallets for mass payouts to all members.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tried DG if there are really no hiccups on payments

                                           (Trying DG if there are really no hiccups on payments)

I was really glad that DG or CG ( had started paying and i had  received  my first payment after two months of waiting in September 11.  Because of this  case i purchase another threads that makes me four (4) threads all in all. I subscribe on the new thread  last September 15, 2013.

Its really surprising for me that my account is considered on a high risk country which is not priority in the cashout payments.  But its a happy thing to consider. The updates that DG will not have hiccups for the honest members regarding payments made me assured that i can again followed my cashout  last September 11, 2013 .  Yesterday September 18, i tried  DG if there are really no hiccups on payments. 

Its again surprising  that the updates was not really what it says ,  i cannot login. I tried several times and up to this date September 19/13 , still no cashout.

I even send a ticket to inform that i cannot cashout , here's  the ticket and reply ;


2013-09-18 19:38:14 You
Im happy that i was able to cashout last Sept 11 thru Paxum about $14 after waiting for two months.
 I bought  another thread this September 15, 2013 which made me four (4) threads all in all. Today its
Sept 18/13 and i was trying to cashout again but its not going thru, the button Paxum and Egopay are showing but i cant cashout. What seems to be the problem?
2013-09-19 13:11:52 Admin: 
Due to extremely high volume of payout requests, sometimes could happen some errors.

Keep trying please.

Best regards

Digital Generation Support

(Please rate this ticket if you believe our help was satisfying)

It now appears that DG is still not ready to respond maybe to a lot of members cashing out.  I understand this so it  a wait and see but i cannot purchased or subscribe  to another threads until i have not cashout what i  had invested,  though having four (4) threads is already profit  provided it can be cashout.